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Lumia, Windows Phone is the last hope for Nokia

Last updated on September 28, 2017

nokia-Lumia-family-610-710-800-9002-600x304Nokia Lumia was introduced as a rival to Apple iPhone and other Android smartphones in the global market of smartphones. Since the adoption of Android by renowned companies like Samsung and HTC, Nokia’s value has decreased to a great extent. If we look back at the previous year, we get to witness that Nokia stood nowhere. It is a fact that iOS and Android are currently ruling the market of smartphones and their sales are better than the sale of Nokia mobile phones but Lumia series has shown a light of hope to Nokia and it might be able to give Nokia a chance to rejoin the game.

After a long time, things finally seem good for Nokia as Lumia series has started showing some positive outcome. People are on iOS and Android for a very long time now due to which they do not want to switch to a Windows phone. They are truly addictive to these Operating Systems but Nokia has come up with some impressive innovations that have started attracting many people to its series of Windows phone. Candy colors of Nokia Lumia are simply unavoidable by today’s younger generation as such colors are undoubtedly eye-catching colors.

Nokia picks one very important pointer and worked upon it. Nokia witnessed that out of all the features, the most important feature for the young generation is the camera as they have the habit to capture all their moments. So, Nokia improved its technology related to the mobile phone camera and introduced this improved technology in its Lumia series. Today, if the Lumia series has shown some good results then it is mainly because of the superb camera that has been fed in all the smartphones that are part of Lumia series. Of course, everyone is aware of 41 Mega-Pixel camera of Lumia 1020.

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If we take a look at Nokia mobiles Pakistan then we see some really disappointing sales. The truth can’t be denied that Nokia does not stand anywhere in Pakistan. But this bitter truth is not only for Nokia but it is also for other big companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Apple; even they are kind of struggling in Pakistan. They do have a better sale than Nokia but it is still not up to the mark if we compare with their business in international market. That is because Q mobile, a local smartphone manufacturer, is currently ruling the local market of Pakistan.

Nokia prices in Pakistan vary from handset to handset. Its cell phones are affordable but the problem lies with the specifications. Nokia is not able to meet other manufacturers in terms of specifications. Other smartphone companies are delivering a better technology than what Nokia is offering at the same exact cost due to which people have lost their interest in handsets from Nokia. There is no doubt that Lumia series of Nokia is truly the last hope for this Finnish company and if it turned out to be a failure as well, then unfortunately, Nokia has no future.

Source: MobileFun.Pk

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