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Increase Visitors & Make Easy Money With Your WordPress Blog

WordPress to iOS App

We have written many articles about easy ways of making money online through your websites and blogs. Here is another article that can help you in getting more visitors and making more money through your website or blog. Most of the bloggers and freelancers use to monetize their website to make money from their content. Google Adsense is one of the best ways of making money online through a blog. After most of the people started using internet through Smartphones instead of laptops and computers, bloggers have seen a clear shift of their income coming from mobile devices instead of desktops or laptops.


This happens with almost every blogger and with this shift, they also have seen a slight drop off their earning because their blogs and websites were not optimized for the mobile devices due to which they have seen an increased bounce rate or low click ratio. To overcome this issue, they have started optimization of their blogs for the mobile devices. They used templates which were optimized for mobile devices and were responsive. By using these responsive templates optimized for mobile devices and good SEO optimization, bloggers have seen an increase in the daily visitors, click ratio and ultimately an increase in the Adsense earning as well.

You might also be one of those who has been using responsive and mobile-optimized themes and making good money out of your blog. But like many other bloggers, you might also be interested in getting even more traffic and increased earning from your blog. As more and more people are using Smartphones (iOS or Android mobiles), so people starting developing their mobile applications to monetize the apps and make money out of the applications. But it is costly to develop a custom iOS application. So here is an easy way to get your iOS app and monetize it.

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If you have a WordPress blog, you can make an iOS app for your WordPress website within no time and without any development experience. You can use any WordPress iOS App Template for your blog to convert your blog into an iOS application within no time.


You can use your blog’s feed to update the iOS application and you can get a lot of visitors on your WordPress iOS App through iPhone or iPad and they will get updated everytime you update your blog. Your iOS application will be updated automatically through the blog’s feed when you update your blog and mobile users will get the notification about that update. The WordPress iOS app template also has the ability to integrate the Google Ads (AdMob) to monetize your iOS app.

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By converting your blog into an iOS application, you can easily promote and attract iOS users to install your application. Due to the mobile application, visitors to your content will increase and ultimately you can make easy online money through your Blog and the iOS app as well.

Just try any of the WordPress iOS app templates for your WordPress blog and reach to millions of iOS users to make money online.


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