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Manual vs Automatic Espresso Machines: Which One is Better?


When you have to buy the best coffee maker for your kitchen, sometimes it becomes very difficult to select the right espresso machine for you as there are so many options available in the market.

The basic thing which you should consider before anything else, is whether you need a fully automatic espresso machine or you want a classic type of manual machine? Or, may be something in between would be best for you?

Manual Espresso Machine

Manual Espresso Machine

The manual machines are preferred by those who like traditional things or who like to get involved physically in the process. A manual machine is a piston driven and user needs to pull a lever so that pressure can be generated to pull a shot.

If you want to operate such a machine then you should be very precise while operating part of the brewer. If you do this with perfection, you can get what exactly you need.

But these manual espresso machines are not very common these days and people usually avoid these as it requires more time to make a cup of coffee for you while you are in hurry.

Automatic Espresso Machine

It is quite obvious that when you are in hurry then automatic machines are the best solution to utilize your time for some other necessary task.

So, an automatic espresso machine does almost all the work for you and can finally pull a shot for you. There are different levels of automation when we talk about the automatic espresso machines.

Super Automatic

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

In a super automatic espresso machine, you just need to press a button and then sit on a sofa. The super automatic espresso machine will pull a shot for you and it will also grind and tamp the coffee beans for you.

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These machines have a lot of programmable options that allows you to control different parts of the process and control over the brew. But the full controlled can only be achieved in the manual espresso machines or semi-automatic espresso machine.



The semi-automatic espresso machines are the best option as recommended by House Keeping Advice. If you want to make an ideal cup of coffee for you then you must have a semi-automatic espresso machine.

This type of machines gives you the flexibility to set the standards for ground fineness, the pressure, and the volume. You can also select a different type of beans to make your special cup of coffee.

These machines are easy to operate and that is why many people even the coffee shops prefer semi-automatic espresso machine.

Our Choice

Though there is nothing better than a manual espresso machine, but it requires a lot of practice and control to operate these machines. And you also require to have a separate grinder as well.

So, like many others, our choice is also the semi-automatic espresso machine to make a cup of coffee of your own taste, anytime with minimum physical involvement and by saving your time as well.

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