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Common Causes of Basement Moisture And How To Fix Them

basement moisture

Do you have a basement? If yes, then you might be facing the basement moisture problem as it is very common. The basement of a house or any building is an area that is usually not commonly used so it becomes dark and damp.

It is common that basements got damages and cracks quickly if not taken care of properly. It can affect you not only with the structural damage of the building but it can also affect your health.


In this article, we will see what are the common causes of moisture in the basement and how you can fix them easily.

Causes of Basement Moisture

There are various causes of the moisture in the basement that can be very bad sometimes if you don’t deal with it at the start. Let’s talk about some of the major causes of moisture in basements.

  1. Humidity in A Basement

Basement Humidity

A high humidity level in a basement can cause moisture that can be harmful to you. Especially those geographic locations which have high humidity level in the atmosphere can cause the humid air to condense while passing through a cool basement.


It can lead to conversion into moisture that can damage the floor of the basement and the walls. The whole structure of the building is based on the structure of the basement, so it could be a disaster if you don’t address this issue.

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How to Fix: Keep your windows close in the humid days and nights. It will help in preventing the humid air to enter the basement. On non-humid or less humid days, keep your windows open so that any humid air that is in the basement can be ventilated along with the moisture in the air.

Also, use fans and exhausts to increase the process of ventilation. You can also insulate the exterior walls of the basement after proper inspection of any leakage.

Tip: Use a hygrometer to check the humidity level. Mostly 30 to 50 percent is the ideal or normal basement humidity level.

  1. Cracks In Your Foundation

Cracks in Foundation

If there are cracks in the foundation of your house then water will eventually find these cracks and will find a way to enter into the basement. Sometimes if the floor joists are not connected to the walls of the basement in a proper way, then the water itself can cause cracks in the foundation.


No matter how these cracks form if there are cracks, there will be moisture in the basement that can cause serious damages. So it is important to find if there are any cracks in the foundation in order to fix moisture in the basement.

How to Fix: To fix this, you first need to fix the cause of the foundation cracks. If it is due to hydrostatic pressure then find any drainage problems like leakage and fix them. After fixing it, you need to fix the cracks as well that already created by the water.

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If there is a problem in the structure of the foundation then you can try putting straps or anchor bolts to fix the cracks by sealing these gaps.

  1. Interior Water Leak

interior water leaks

In most cases, an interior water leak can be the major cause of the humidity and moisture in the basement. It can be in a single place, or on multiple places like leakage in a shower, a toilet, a dishwasher, a sink, or any other pipe in the basement.

So, first of all, you need to detect all the spots of water leaks. Sometimes, the detection of water leaks can be difficult and you need to call an expert. If you feel that you are not able to detect the water leak yourself, then don’t hesitate to call an expert.


When the process of the detection of water leaks get completed, now it’s time to fix it.

How to Fix: Though the detection of water leaks can be difficult sometimes, fixing is easy in most cases. You just need to change the pipe or if possible you can use any pipe leakage repair tape or other products that can repair the leaking pipe without counting.

Alternatively, you can get the help of a plumber or any other expert who deals with the detection and repairing of water leaks in the house.

Some More Causes

There might be some other causes of the basement moisture as well such as water trickling out of the walls, standing water on the floor because of an uneven slope, problems in the tile flooring, defective gutters and downspouts, and missing drain tiles.

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Some of these fixes are easy, but for some fixes, you need to contact a professional and certified home repairing contractor.



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