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Moving To Perth? How is the Life In Perth, Western Australia

life in perth

Perth is the capital and the largest city of Western Australia. It is the lovely place for the tourists, but a lot of students loves to stay in Perth for their study. If we check different ‘study abroad’ programs in the sub-continent then we will find that most of these programs are based on studying in Australia and immigration to Australia.

Various surveys ranked Perth consistently in the top 10 list of most liveable city of the world. Youth loves to live in Perth because of its vibrant lifestyle and nightlife. Out of total students who study in Perth, one third belongs to other countries. If you are visiting Perth for the first time, you will not feel lonely there as the atmosphere is good and the local people of Perth are very friendly.


Apart from students, it is a city in Australia which every tourist wants to visit once in a life. The weather is very pleasant, you can find a lot of good beaches, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, and much more in Perth.

If you are moving to Perth, then you should know the lifestyle, weather & climate, shopping places, other places you must visit, beaches, and other information and also movers in Perth.

Perth Lifestyle

If we want to explain the living experience in Perth, then we could say that life at Perth is very relaxed. The local people of the Perth wants to live together and they get together on weekends for parties and BBQ. The local people of Perth are also very friendly to overseas and the non-residents of the Perth.

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You can experience a great social life in Perth without spending a lot of money. Though there is a 10% extra tax on some products, but you will not fell any difference when you are living a relaxed life there with your friends.

People are not conservative and they don’t mind how people from the other countries want to live their as long as they are following the local law. You can make local friends and can join them in the parties at their home, or if you organize a party at your place, you can call them and they will love to enjoy with you.

Perth Beaches

Perth Beach

You can find various beaches in the Perth where you can go with your partner or friends or even with your family. You can find small & secluded beaches as well where you can spend your time very calmly.

Most of the beaches offer a parking place as well, you can visit the beach in your own car, or you can opt to travel via bus, taxi or train. Parking is free at most of the beaches, but those beaches which are very popular, there you need to pay a fee to park your vehicle.


Perth Shopping

Karrinyup Shopping Center

Though Perth has big shopping malls where you can find all the international brands but many people don’t like the timing which is 6:00 PM closing time on Saturday. Some shopping malls in Perth will remain closed on Sunday while some would be open for 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

It is a bit costly to live at Perth for students, but if you are at visiting as a tourist or you working in Perth then it would not be a big problem.

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Perth Weather

Overall, weather of Australia, especially Western Australia is hot and most of the time it is summer. You can see a blue sky and shining sun all the time. It can be 40-degree temperature throughout the week and you can expect thunderstorm as well. Those who work outside, they don’t love this hot weather, also, if you don’t have an air con at home then sleeping at night could also be difficult. You should keep drinking water while you are outside.

You will also experience weather around 30-degree C temperature and during winter, it could be as low as 23-degree centigrade. Don’t expect any snow, and you will see only occasional rain in Perth.

The average temperature at Perth is 25°C to 30°C in summer, while during the winter season it is 12°C to 15°C. Rarely you can expect temperatures below 10°C during the winter season.


Places to Visit in Perth

Scitech Discovery Centre located close to King’s Perth at Sutherland Street is a place that you must visit if you love science and technology. Through exhibitions and different activities, some best theories of technology and science displayed there.

SciTech Discovery Center

City Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Perth. It is the most beautiful and clean white sand beach and you can have a captivating view of the Indian Ocean. You can go and enjoy with the family, it is 20 minutes driveway to the west of Perth city.

City Beach Perth

Western Australian Museum is a must visit place for those tourists who wanted to learn more about the culture and the heritage of Western Australia, especially Perth. The museum was established in 1891 and through different exhibitions and events, it tells the history of Western Australia from prehistoric times. You can visit the Museum from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Western Australian Museum

Swan Bell Tower is a gift to Western Australia from London and it is also known as Bell Tower. There are 18 hanging bells in a campanile which is built from copper and glass. The bells in the tower belong to Church of St Martin and the Swan Bell Tower was built in the year 2000.


swan bell towers

There are a lot more places which you can visit in Perth, but here we are closing this section only with the above 4 must-visit places in Perth, Western Australia.

Getting Around

Perth is close to many international cities than the other cities of Australia, so it is the best place to study for students and to visit as a tourist for the people of these cities. You can use the Maxi Taxi Perth service to travel from city to airport, or from the airport to Perth city.

If you want to travel in the city, public transport infrastructure is very good and free bus service is also available for the central busines distrcit area, while outside this, students will get a discount of 40%.



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