5 Must Have Accessories for New DSLR Camera Owners

must have DSLR accessories

Have you bought a new DSLR recently and you need to learn photography techniques? Or do you want to improve your photography skills by using some easy to learn tips? Well, this article will not explain the basics of photography, but it will help you out in getting the best and must-have accessories to enhance your photography experience.

Here I will list the 5 must-have accessories and if you buy these accessories you can improve your photography skills and you will be happy when you look at your photo results after any event.

These  must-have accessories for every new DSLR owner are listed below:

An External Flash


Every DSLR owner knows that the flash of the camera is not good enough to take good photographs. In fact, it disturbs the eyes of the object as well when it directly flashes into their eyes. Moreover, it produces washed out and flat photos which are not great.

But, as we all know, light is very important for taking photos. So, an external flash can solve this problem. If you fix a good quality external flash with your DSLR, then you can adjust the light at any angle and you can also use different filters to control the intensity of the flashlight.


It will help you get the desired results with the desired amount of light. You can check the difference of photos taken at the same place and with same camera position, with direct flash and external flash in the above image.

A Solid Tripod


A solid tripod is necessary to use with the camera if you want to be a landscape photographer. You don’t want to get blur photos just because your hand shakes while capturing the picture. A tripod helps you to fix your DSLR on it and then take the best photos.

Many new photographers go for a lightweight tripod so that they can carry it easily with them. But they fail to realize that a lightweight tripod is not good enough to use on the uneven surfaces. If you use a lightweight tripod there are chances that you can get your camera damage as the tripod will not be able to hold the weight of the DSLR if the surface is uneven.

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Only a solid tripod can be a good help in that case. Though it would be difficult to carry, but a solid tripod have a greater life and it provides a good support to your camera as well where the surface is not even.

Neutral Density Filter


On hill stations, you might feel that due to the brightness of the sky, the background of the photos become dull or dark. While in some cases the faces of the persons in the photo also become dark due the extra brightness of the sky.

Your DSLR can’t control that light, so you need some filter. Using an ND filter, or Neutral density filter is the solution to this problem. When the light conditions are not optimal, these ND filters provides an option to the photographers to balance the exposure.

In easy words, you can say that ND filters act like sunglass for the lens of the camera, so the photographer can capture the best jaw-dropping landscape photos even if the light condition is not optimal. Here you can learn about how to use the best ND filter kit to improve the result of your photographs.

Microfiber Lens Cloths



To get the sharp and crisp photos, it is important to keep the lens clean from any dirt or other things that can stick to the lens. No matter, how much you take care of your lens, it will get dirty as it gets exposed in many different places and in different weather.

So, you need to clean your lens now and then. Remember, you can’t clean the lens with any sort of cloth. Simple cloths can leave some scratches on the lens due to their fabric. You must use microfiber lens cloths to keep your lens clean.

Probably you will get one microfiber lens cloth with your camera, but it is good if you can buy one more or two microfiber lens cloths.

A Good Bag

best DSLR camera bags

A DSLR has many accessories which you can’t put anywhere. You have to take care of all the accessories, like the lens, the flash, the filters, memory cards, memory card readers, extra batteries, chargers and much more.

To keep all these things, you must have a high quality secure and safe camera bag which should have enough space to adjust each and everything separately. If you don’t have a proper bag and you keep all the accessories all together in a simple bag, then there are chances that some of the accessories might get damage.


As a new DSLR photographer, you must watch some good tutorial videos on YouTube or you must get proper classes of photography where you can learn how to use different functions of the camera in different conditions. But along with that knowledge, you should also have the above-listed 5 must-have accessories for DSLR camera with you.

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