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5 Must-Visit Places in Wellington to Make a Memorable Family Tour

Places to visit in Wellington

The talent of an extraordinary level may be seen and heard throughout Wellington in the forms of ballet, theatre, and musical performances. You can participate in a wide variety of activities here, including walking along the coast, hiking, fishing, and trekking.

The following is a list of some of the most famous and incredible places in Wellington that you absolutely ought to check out since they are well worth the effort:

1. Museum Of New Zealand

This museum is often regarded as being among the very best museums in all of New Zealand. The natural world and the cultural history of New Zealand and of the Maori people are the subjects of study at this museum.

The Maori were the first group to make a permanent settlement in this region. You may also find out a lot about the social history and culture of both Maori and European people who have influenced this nation after that time period.

This location is referred to by the locals as Te Papa, and there are numerous displays of wealth within the museum that you are welcome to examine. They have an incredible collection of Maori treasures and works of art that are considered to be of high artistic quality.

2. The Beehive

This building is well-known throughout New Zealand as an iconic structure, and it also serves as the location of the New Zealand parliament.

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This architectural work was constructed by Britishers between the years 1964 and 1979, and you can observe the resemblance to other British buildings as well as the British influence in this structure.

You are welcome to embark on the free tour that is offered here every day from 10 to 4, and it will take you through the history of the Parliament.

You can also go to the gardens of the parliament, which are open to both the residents of this area and the tourists who come here. They have vast rose gardens there, along with a statue of New Zealand’s current prime minister.

3. Wellington Botanic Garden

The Wellington Botanic Gardens are known all over the world for their breathtaking natural beauty and widespread popularity. This verdant haven is dispersed around the city and takes up approximately 25 hectares of land in this city.

This region is home to a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife of varying sizes and types. There are a number of walking pathways that wind through the gardens, taking visitors past seasonal flower fields and coniferous woodlands.

The Lady Norwood Rose Gardens are the most beautiful section of this botanical park. Currently, there are approximately 110 rose buds in various stages of flowering all across the area. Get your New Zealand visa for Canadian citizens and enjoy your time at Botanic Garden, Wellington.

They also offer an amazing planetarium display called Carter Observatory, and this botanic garden is full of many different types of flora, which makes it even more beautiful and appealing to look at.

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4. Zealandia

If you are looking for a location that accurately depicts the distinctive landscape and animal life of New Zealand, then you should head to Zealandia. It is good knowledge that Zealandia is a haven that exhibits some of the most stunning reserves that are tucked away within the nation.

This urban environmental sanctuary covers a total area of 225 hectares and is only approximately 20 minutes away from the heart of the city, making it even more accessible.

People who are passionate about birds would adore this location because it is home to a large number of local birds, some of which are critically endangered, such as the Stitchbird, Takahe, and Saddleback.

In addition to that, they have a unique mammal that’s called a tuatara, and it’s a kind of reptile that’s quite unusual. You can explore and get a better feel for this location by taking one of the many walking trails that are located all around this sanctuary.

Additionally, you can take a peek at the museum that commemorates the natural history of this nation. You can enjoy your family vacations in Wellington after getting your New Zealand visa for Hong Kong citizens.

5. Wellington City Gallery

This establishment may be found in a historic building that was once a well-known library. They have several temporary art exhibitions that are displayed throughout the year and they have outstanding contemporary art places in New Zealand that are among the finest in the world.

Paintings and other works of art created by well-known artists, as well as those created by some local artists, are exhibited in this space so that all of the artists can receive some level of recognition and notoriety.

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Incredible sculptures, paintings, photography, multimedia, and other types of artworks may be found adorning the walls of this gallery. One of the most well-known venues in Wellington that pays a significant amount of emphasis to art and culture is the gallery.

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