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3 Strongest Homemade Natural Energy Drinks for Post Workout Refreshment

Last updated on April 8, 2019


The recent increase in the number of health-conscious individuals is quite noticeable. May it be the result of exhausting 9 to 5 jobs or extra classes at school.

Workouts have their definite schedules for definite ages; the youth should strain muscles carefully yet to the fullest while 35+ folks should concentrate on relaxed, free-hand postures that make one sweat.


You might be a gym person or a yoga guru; you will always crave for a cool, sublime refreshment after exercise. But it will linger in your mind, “am I gonna gain weight? Cause the drink will be sugary” or “what if they add preservatives?”

Well, this article gives you the exact solutions to quench your thirst. We have summed up for you the recipes and benefits of the best organic energy drinks.

Organic energy drinks are not only of lurid benefits but also 100% trustworthy, because you are the blender!

Yes, you can make these natural energy drinks for post-workout refreshment at home, with ingredients easiest to find, the strongest energy drinks. They help you de-tox, oxidize and energize the body for the busiest day. Here are some recipes for homemade organic energy drinks:

1. Coconut and Lime Delight



You need one cup coconut water, chilled drinking water, a pinch of salt, honey and some soothing basil if you like the smell.



After you are ready with your ingredients, add chilled water to the coconut water to form a homogeneous, opaque mixture. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and 10 to 12 (slightly boiled) basil leaves. Stir it well and your boost energy drink is ready which is the best post workout energy drink.

This recipe is completely sugar-free while you have the sweetness of energizing honey. Basil, as we know, majorly detoxifies and oxidizes to boost metabolism. Coconut cools the body from the heat of workout and there you are, fresh as a daisy!

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2. Chilled Banana Smoothie



You need two sliced bananas, one cup milk, ice cubes, vanilla syrup (if you are convenient with it), and honey.


The recipe of chilled banana smoothie is simple. Blend all the ingredients together in a mixer, add ice cubes and you are ready to have a sip.


3. Iced Tea



You need premium tea leaves, honey, ice cubes, mint leaves and basil (if you want). Before starting the workout, you could prepare the tea (without sugar) and refrigerate it, soak the mint and basil.


After you have sweated a great deal stir the cool tea after adding honey, mint, and basil. Add the ice and sip the sublime drink to feel it boosting your mind and body up!

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These were some of the strongest energy drinks you could opt for after a hectic workout without even worrying about preservatives or calories because you made it and it got to be the best natural energy drink ever.


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