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Negative Test of COVID 19 is a Must to Travel to Mumbai

Mumbai Travel Covid 19 Negative Test

The tourism and travel sector has been affected a lot due to COVID 19 pandemic and world lockdown. But now, different states and countries are trying their best to resume travel and tourism by following the corona SOPs.


The Indian government is also taking steps to facilitate the travelers without compromising the health of the passengers. They have asked the local governments to take the steps and to make sure that travelers are following the Corona SOPs.

In this regard, the Maharashtra government has implemented new rules and they have restrictions on travelers that they must have a negative COVID 19 test report if they wanted to travel to Mumbai.

These restrictions are specifically implied on the travelers from the 5 different states of India that includes Kerala, Goa, Delhi, Rajashtan, and Gujrat. All the travelers from these 5 states must have a test report of COVID 19 that should be negative and should be done within 72 hours of departure.

According to Dunya Urdu, the two states of Maharashtra and Kerala are have the highest numbers of the COVID 19 positive cases. The test report is compulsory for all the airlines of India, it doesn’t matter from which airline you are traveling, if you don’t have a negative report, you can’t travel.


The new restrictions are not just limited to the airline travelers, it also implies on the travelers who are traveling through the train. For those who are traveling through the train, they need to show their report that should be done within 96 hours.

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Different states of India also have some SOPs and other traveling instructions that every travel agent needs to follow. Travel agents in Kolkata, Gujrat, Goa, Mumbai, and other states of India have to follow these instructions otherwise they will have to bear heavy fines.

When you have to select your Kolkata travel agent, make sure that he is authorized by the local government and he knows all the SOPs as well. A good and professional travel agent will always help you to travel anywhere in India by protecting your health.

If you travel to Mumbai, Kolkata, or other cities and you don’t have a Covid 19 test report, then authorities will test you for COVID 19 and if your report is positive, they will take you to Covid Care Center and get you admitted there to quarantine.



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