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Online Photoshop: Some Essential Features and Free Online Editor


Photoshop is one of the largest and most popular graphic designing tools with the help of which a novice photographer can create stunning photos, advertisements, logos, etc. Photoshop comes up with a huge collection of filters, tools, and palettes that helps in providing classic photographs.

The best thing about the online photoshop tool is that users of all skill levels can use this online tool with ease. Photoshop comes up with some of the best features that enable you to make any kind of stunning photos.

That is the reason why online photoshop such as is very useful for all kinds of designers. In this article, we have come up with some of the excellent features that help to make stunning photographs.

What are the essential features of online photoshop?

The following are some essential features of online photoshop:

  • Layers: Layers are the most important features of Photoshop and with the help of Layers the graphic designer can work on a particular part of the image and can keep the other part of the image unchanged. Hence, it becomes possible for the graphic designer to make changes in a particular part of the image without disturbing any other part of the image. Hence this feature is very useful for a designer while manipulating the image.

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  • Levels: This is another best feature of Photoshop with the help of which the designer can change the color balance as well as tonal range in the image. This feature becomes very essential when a designer needs to change the intensity of the shadows, mid towns as well as the highlights of the picture. This feature of online photoshop is found under the ‘Image -> Adjustments’
  • Adjustments: Another basic feature of online Photoshop is the Adjustments features. With this feature, you will be able to create an adjustment layer that can be edited in the adjustment panel very easily. The adjustment layer works as an image alteration that is non-destructive to the other part of the image. The best thing about this feature is that the designer can on or off the adjustment layer as per his or her requirement. This kind of feature is highly used in tone color correction in Photoshop. You can use the adjustments features for altering the looks of the image dramatically.
  • Color Channels: With the help of this feature it becomes possible to look at a particular shade in the color channel palette. This feature comes up with RGB mode in which you will get Red, Green, Blue. But the good thing is that when you will go to a different color space there will be a different color channel. For example, either it will be LAB or CMYK. If you are new to this software you can also get some tips and tricks that will not only enable you to make a stunning photograph but also help you enhance your skills.
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  • Filter: This is another most necessary feature of online Photoshop. With the help of this feature, it becomes possible for the designer to sharpen, blur, distort as well as alter the layers of the image. However, it is necessary to get acquainted with the filters although it may take a little time for that. While using the filters you will also come to know about the specification of the filters which you will high use.
  • Sharpening: Sharpening is another essential feature of this online tool. But you have to be an expert designer if you want to use this feature. The designer must keep their hand very steady over the mouse for making any desired changes. With the help of this feature, you can certainly make the image more prominent. However, it is the last feature that is used by the designers at the time of the editing process. There is an ‘Auto Sharpen’ feature that will save a huge time for the designer. But whenever you use this feature make sure that the image does not get over-sharpened since it will make the image unrealistic.

These are some very useful features of Photoshop that you must be aware of if you are a good designer as you need to make use of it for giving stunning looks.

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