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How to Optimize Your Website To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Last updated on November 14, 2021

Basic SEO Tips To Boost Website Ranking

Just because you have successfully established a website does to mean that the work stops there. You will need to take steps that will allow it to have better reach and for it to have a better online presence. With so many websites out there that are somehow similar to yours, it is important that you know how to optimize yours. Here are some SEO techniques that should help your site perform better.

Optimise your mobile platform

Google has recently implemented the policy of basing the rankings of the desktop and the mobile sites on the mobile platform. This means that you need to take steps in ensuring that the content of your desktop and your mobile sites are the same, page by page. Otherwise, those who have mobile sites that look significantly different from their desktop version are likely to see a drop in their rankings moving forward.

Optimise speed for both your desktop and mobile sites

Websites that take time to load can be really frustrating and people often don’t bother to wait when the page is taking too long to pull up. Imagine the number of lost opportunities that this will cause. Not only will this impact traffic, this also impacts conversion, sales, and revenues. One step that you can take to address this problem is to upload smaller images. The ideal size should be 100 kb and smaller.

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Ensure better site security

New updates from Google show that one of the ranking factors at present is https. Expect a little boost for your site if it is already on https and expect a dip in your ranking if it is still not. Do make sure that you create an SSL certificate as this will help give you the chance to boost your standing in the rankings. Also, with https, you will be able to enjoy better data for referrals which makes it easier for you to determine where your traffic is originating from.

Consider user intent when creating content

After you have access to data on the traffic your page is getting, use the information to determine how users use the page. This allows you to have an idea which part of your optimisation efforts do not seem to be in line with visitor and user intent so, content can be better improved to fit their expectations.

Work on improving the task completion of the users that visit the site too. What you are aiming for is for users to find everything that they can possibly require from your site and for them to no longer feel the need to have to go back to Google to find the answer to what they are looking for.

These are all highly actionable SEO techniques that you can start implementing on your site. If you feel that you have been performing rather poorly in the rankings, Mason Soiza can help you regain your spot. More information on Mason Soiza can be found here.

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