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The 3D printer technology has its advent history that dates back to about ten years now. The reason for its hyped revival now in 2017 is due to throwing of several new models at budget-friendly rates by the 3D printer manufacturers in the markets these days. Therefore, this has rapidly tolled its purchase strength among the 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals utilizing this technology on daily bases.

Many parameters have been thoroughly reviewed to evaluate and announce the best picks of the models of the 3D printers for the year 2017. Surveys have been made by targeting the commercial markets of 3D printing service providers. They are actually much experienced in the field of dealing with ample 3D printer models for several years. The survey comprises of above eight thousand authorized 3D printer owners, with a combined 1.14 million total prints produced by them over 513 different printer models.

Undoubtedly the best 3D printers 2017 have surely proved to be the best since the time of their launch in a wide array of parameters for a large number of individuals. But you have to be cautious to review all parameters for the 3D printer you want to buy, to make an appropriate decision for the one that suits your needs. All the best 3D printers are the best in their own terms, some in terms of price, some in terms of productivity and speed of prints, some regarding the usability convenience, total cost and print quality. Therefore, go for the one that best suits your needs.

You might not be a professional or a student requiring 3D prints at regular bases, but you could be the candidate looking for good quality prints, with total lower costs and less printing material consumption; or you might be the one who gets perplexed quite soon by a complex operating system of any machine. Keep all these factors in mind before you make your purchase.

3D printers announced to be the best picks of 2017 are:

XYZ da Vinci Mini

This model is quite budget-friendly for the starters. It maintains a moderate speed of printing, means it is not that slow that it wastes a lot of time and become a cause for the disliking of the consumer. But it is not suitable for daily use of a high number of prints needed by an organization. Obviously, they can afford a 3D printer of higher cost for their work purpose. The quality of prints that it produces is also appreciable. This printer is connected to a USB power source, therefore, not for those looking for wireless printers.

LulzBot Mini

This printer uses multiple printing materials; this feature makes it more accessible in terms of usability. You can go for a less costly option of printing material if you want to cut off its consumption costs. The material options for this printer are nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, and polystyrene. Nylon is a safe and food grade material. This printer, though costing $1000 plus, does not come with any company restriction of using the printing material manufactured by the same company. Therefore, you can quickly find these materials easily in the market in case your material has exhausted.

Ultimaker 3

This printer, though very costly, is preferred by many big organizations for its quality of 3D prints that it produces.

LulzBot Taz 6

This produces very fine quality prints at a super-fast speed. These days, this is very popular among the reviews for the best 3D printer 2017. After attaining a sound understanding of the mechanics of operation of these printers, you can even create your own that is a DIY 3d printer with the best DIY 3d printer kits available in the market at affordable rates.

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