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6 Places in Istanbul That Every Pakistani Must Visit

Taksim Square Istanbul

The tourist destinations in Istanbul serve as entry points to a number of historically significant places as well as hip neighborhoods that provide tourists with a surreal experience.

A lot of Pakistani nationals love to visit Turkey, especially Istanbul. The most famous places in Istanbul are Hagia Sofia mosque and the Blue mosque which we have covered in our article on historic mosques in Turkey. But, here are some of more best places to visit in Istanbul that every Pakistani tourist should visit.

It is home to some of the world’s highest buildings, several of which feature observation decks that provide dazzling views of the city below.

Travel on a mystical path across Istanbul that is replete with places to relax and rejuvenate, unexpected gastronomic experiences, and breathtaking vistas.

The town is strewn with gorgeous relics of its illustrious history as well as fresh pathways that have the power to enchant the minds of the tourists who come to visit.

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Galata Tower


This tower is thought to be one of the most important monuments in all of Istanbul. It was constructed in the 14th century by Genoese craftsmen, and it dates back to that time period. The height of the tower is 220 feet, and there are nine stories in all.

In addition, it contains a restaurant at the very top of the tower that serves traditional Turkish food and hosts dancing performances from Turkey.

Galata is a mecca for fun and amusement because to the many excellent clubs and wine bars that surround it. From the very top of the structure, there is also a breathtaking vista that encompasses the entire city.

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Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

It is the most magnificent historical site in Istanbul, and it brings together a one-of-a-kind collection of artifacts and sculptures from Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries.

The museum is divided into three distinct sections, the first of which is the Archeology Museum. The other two are the Tiled Pavilion of Mehmed the Conqueror and the Museum of the Ancient Orient. The primary section of the museum is the Archeology Museum.

The Egyptian, Byzantine, Roman, and Hittite civilizations have contributed a plethora of valuable artifacts to this show, and they are all on display here.

Taksim Square

Taksim Square Mosque

This area of Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the abundance of hotels, restaurants, and upscale boutiques in the area. In addition, it provides convenient access to public transit thanks to the presence of both the principal metro station and a local bus terminal.

In addition, public gatherings such as concerts, parades, the celebration of New Year’s Eve, and other significant events take place in Taksim Square.

The Independence Monument, which is a memorial to the Soviet Union for their participation in the Turkish War, is by far the most visited sight in Taksim Square.

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Ortakoy Mosque

Ortakoy Mosque

This mosque is considered to be the most important example of Ottoman architecture, and it has become an important symbol for the city of Istanbul. To seek the heavenly blessings of Allah, Islamic devotees from all over the world travel to this mosque, which is located on the bank of the Bosphorus.

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It is separated into two distinct parts: the main worship area and the section that houses the summer palace.

The walls of the mosque are constructed out of white stone, and the structure itself features two balcony minarets that contribute significantly to the overall attractiveness of the mosque.

It is recommended that you go to the mosque at night since, when the lights are turned on, the mosque’s already stunning appearance is elevated to an entirely new level.



This is the well-known food street of Istanbul, and both locals and visitors come here in search of a mouthwatering culinary adventure.

It is home to some of the finest seafood restaurants and cafes in the world, where you can stuff your face with delicious food.

In addition to this, there are some cocktail bars located here where you can try some traditional Turkish beverages.

In addition, Kumkapi is home to a number of booming nightclubs where one can consume alcoholic beverages, engage in various forms of dance, and have an endless amount of fun.

Bosphorus Bridge

Bosphorus Bridge

One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Istanbul, the Bosphorus Bridge connects Europe and Asia and is widely regarded as a shining example of remarkable architectural design.

Because photographers may get a classic view of the broader region of the city from this location, it is a popular haunt for photographers.

In the past, pedestrians were permitted to walk along the bridge; however, this privilege has since been eliminated, and the bridge is now restricted to vehicular traffic only.

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When night falls, LED lights are activated to illuminate the bridge, turning it into a picture-perfect location for tourists to take photos.

In order to take in the breathtaking view of the illuminated bridge at night, the bridge offers a boat that visitors can take as the sun goes down.

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