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Postpartum Care – Taking Care of Mother After Birth

Last updated on September 28, 2017


Postpartum is the period that begins immediately after a mother gives birth and usually accompanied by physical emotional and behavioral changes lasting between six and eight weeks. This period requires a lot of care so that the mother and their baby can have a healthy and enjoyable experience; this period involves parents learning how to function as a family unit after the birth of their newborn baby.

The uterus begins healing immediately after birth, during birth the uterus is the size of the navel and will remain the same for 2 days after which it starts to regain its pre-pregnant size and shape. The healing of the placental site is the one that would take longer for up to six months. The abdominal wall remains flabby and soft after birth due to rupture of elastic fibers and prolonged uterus distention.


Hormones that initiate labor contractions are the ones that will initiate breast milk 24 hours immediately after birth, at first the breasts produces a golden yellow liquid known as colostrums which serve as the first immunization of the baby as it contains a lot of essential antibodies. A healthy baby is as a result of breast milk as it contains lots of sugars fat water and proteins. Suckling of the bay is usually advised as it stimulates the production of oxytocin that aid in the production of more and regular milk and helps in contracting the uterus.

For Postpartum Care, nutrition is highly vital after delivery as during birth the mother usually undergoes numerous physical changes thus the need to regain the strength and body shape she had prior to pregnancy. The mother at this time is also supposed to have the strength to take care of the baby and be able to produce enough milk for her baby. Most lactation experts recommend that mothers should eat a well-balanced diet with the breakfast being the heaviest, this should be accompanied with lots of fluid to prevent being thirsty, water milk and juices are excellent.

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Babies usually wake up after every 3 hours after which they require total care from being breastfed to being changed the diapers, with this experience the mother usually ends up being of which quality rest needs to come hand in hand. After birth the mother should be relieved of all the chores in the house to be left to rest, she ought to be allowed to concentrate all her energy in breastfeeding her baby. The mother should also get outside frequently to exercise; this can be achieved by small walks around the garden.


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