What are Different Product Design Stages? A Complete Guide

stages of product design

Product designing is the building block of any new product. We’d discussed in our previous articles that how important it is to make a design of a product prior to its development so that final product can be developed without any defects and eventually it can help in maximizing the overall company’s profit which is the ultimate goal to develop any product.

Here we will discuss the different stages of product designing process in detail. Stages are listed below:

  • The Design Brief
  • The Product Design Specification
  • The Concept Design
  • The Concept Generation
  • The Concept Evaluation
  • The Detailed Design
  • Eliminating Design Iterations

The Design Brief

Design brief is the first stage of product designing where designers get the idea what they are going to design. The design brief is not enough and designers can’t start their work to design the product just based on design brief, but it is important because designers get the basic idea of the product.

The Product Design Specification

Before starting work on a design, taking feedback from the potential customers and getting an idea of the market demand is very important. Also designer should be well aware of the fact that what problem will be addressed by the product they are going to design. Without a proper understanding of the problem, a solution can never be provided. For this purpose, a detailed product design specification document is created. During the process of product designing, designers refer to this document to make it sure what solution they can provide to overcome all the associated problems with that specific product.

The Concept Design

After the creation of PDS (Product Design Specification) document designers work on the conceptual design of the product. All the key elements are considered, such as production, sales and marketing during this stage of product design.

The Concept Generation

Then concept generation is the next step where a big team of experts is build up. This team consists of people from different departments and they analyze the concept design again from different angles. They come up with better and creative design ideas by eliminating the flaws in the concept design.

The Concept Evaluation

Again, more people are added to the team who are expert in different departments. They again analyze different ideas which were generated during concept generation stage. Out of different concepts discussed during concept generation, the best design idea is recognized and they also make it sure that the final design idea is in line with the original product design specification document.

The Detailed Design

At this stage, the most suitable design has been selected and not the team start the work on product designing. They design different prototypes by keeping in mind all the details and specifications and these prototypes are then tested in real life situations to make it sure that final product will provide the solution to the actual problem or not. At this stage, the design team works closely with the coordination of other departments such as production, sales and marketing department.

Eliminating Design Iterations

At this final stage, all the relevant processes such as marketing, transportation, sales and disposals are further studied and the team tries its best to reduce any chances of wastage of resources.

By following all the steps mentioned above, the design team makes it sure that they get the best working product design that will surely provide the solution and work in real time before the production of the actual product.

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