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Why Reward Points is a Must Have Extension for Magento 2

boost magento 2 online store sales

From past few years, webmasters don’t want to develop a custom website as it is more complicated and needs a lot of work. Because of the time required to develop a custom website, its cost is also very high. So clients also hesitate to place an order for custom website design when they have so many offers from other web developers who use a CMS and can design a website in very low price and time as well. Magento is such a CMS which can be used to develop a fully functional website in very less time and budget as well. When it comes to an eCommerce website, no other CMS can compete the professionalism offered by Magento as it is one of the best eCommerce solutions.


Just like Magento, all the content management systems have various extensions to add different functionalities. These extensions can also be referred as plugins or modules. Usually, in a custom website development, the main problem is adding more functions after the completion of the website because many changes are required in the database and the coding as well.

Content Management Systems provide the freedom to as many modules or functionalities as required even after the completion of a website. A developer can add an extension to add additional functionalities within no time and these modules or extensions can be easily configured for any individual’s requirement.

For example, for an eCommerce website, sales is the key to success. To improve sales many web owners use the reward point system for their loyal customers. If you are also the owner, you would definitely want to use a reward system for your loyal customers so that you can boost your sales.

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For Magento 2, Reward Points is an extension which can be used to implement the reward points system as per the requirements of every individual user. For example, the website owner can customize the extension to set the conversion rate to define how much reward points a buyer will earn when he or she places an order for a specific amount. Mostly 1 reward point is offered against the shopping of $100 by most web owners and 1 reward point is equal to $1 USD.

So if a customer has earned 50 reward points, for example, he can shop anything free of cost up to $50. Magento 2 reward points extension has so many other customization options which can be useful to boost the sales of any online store. You can check all the settings and available options either after buying the reward point extension for Magento 2 or you can watch different video tutorials prior to the purchase.


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