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The Important Role Of Brain In Brain And Language Association

brain and language

Language is the foundation of human intelligence. By speech, humans convey the thoughts that are generated in the brain and pass them to others in an understandable way. The role played by brain and language in analyzing the world, developing problem-solving skills, and rendition of actions is very important.

If verbal communication is not learned properly, then people are not able to convey their past and present memories and are not able to engage in relationships and there would be no existence of human endeavors.

The acquisition of verbal communication is vital for the success of an individual. The diseases related to speech acquisition can make a person nearly crippled in his family and friends. Scientists have long been working on brain processes related to speaking and listening.

It is very difficult to assess the processes of animals since they are not able to speak like humans. With techniques like positron emission tomography, special analysis of electroencephalograms, functional magnetic resonance imaging, magnetoencephalography, it is now possible to reveal the hidden secrets of brain and language acquisition.

In those infants where the right hand is dominant, the left hemisphere mostly functions in language acquisitions, and vice versa occurs in left-handed infants. Only a small part of the cortex is involved in speech processing. This area is also used for sign language acquisition and spoken language acquisition.

The language system is also linked with other intellectual and motor functions. Speech acquisition studies with infants have shown that all infants go through similar stages during their first language acquisition. These include the predictable stages of babbling. Children acquire verbal communication through the combined effect of biological and environmental factors.

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Disorders involving language acquisition mainly depend upon the malfunctioning of the neurons. Speech can be impaired due to any diseases but sometimes it is congenital.

There are many scientific processes related to brain mechanisms today that can help to improve the quality of life in language-impaired individuals. There are certain medical therapies involved which are tailored to cure the speech-impaired individuals.

Author Bio

Laura Ann PetittoDr. Laura Ann Petito is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist. She is world-famous for her discoveries related to the biological functions of language. With the technique of fNIR, she has revealed hidden key brain structures that help in human language processing.

She uses manual babbling to treat patients who are having language problems. She has made some remarkable discoveries related to American Sign Language. She also worked on the development of educational neuroscience through computer games. She can be contacted at (202) 448-7512 or for any query or information.

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