Savia now planning to use commercial freezers for producing ice


Savia now planning to use commercial freezers for producing ice on a wide scale considering the role that the Ice Atmospheric Fountains have in Savia Atmospheric Waters

Savia claims to provide 100% pure atmospheric water to the people; this water is obtained from totally electricity-free manual methods derived from the three Atmospheric Fountains; namely the glass/ clear PVC based Atmospheric Fountain (based on the condensation method) discovered in 2014, and the natural Ice Fountain based on the natural atmospheric phenomenon of ice making with the freezing method and with the help of salt and later melting of this ice to obtain the most purified form of water. This Ice Atmospheric Fountain was discovered by Savia at the end of 2014. The third Fountain is Winter Atmospheric Fountain that is successful in harvesting water even at the freezing temperatures; this was discovered in 2016.

Savia Atmospheric Waters does not have any competitors in the market as they operate on the natural methods of harvesting water, with no parallel brands of such water production in the market. Obviously, ice does not belong to any categories or brand and as they make more and more ice for their Ice Atmospheric Fountain, conversion of this ice to water has no quality categories. However, 4% of water is obtained via the Ice Atmospheric Fountain whereas the Condensation Atmospheric Fountain harvests 100% water.

Savia Atmospheric Waters do not ship this water globally due to the expensive transportation, though they ship their waters in the America and Europe. Also, melted ice has more weight than the formed ice. Undoubtedly they are making good business as the water itself forms the biggest brand of the supermarkets, and this is something new for the people, which claims to be 100% Atmospheric water.

Atmospheric water is the water of rain and of the fountains and synthetic ways of water production cannot deliver the purity as of the natural water, in spite of several purification steps.

How does Ice Atmospheric Fountain work?

First Savia screens for the best sources of Base Waters; once obtained, these waters undergo the Active-Freezing process that is similar to the reverse-osmosis process. This process chooses a certain part of the Base Waters and clears it, this portion is then converted to ice and the remaining part of the base waters is discarded. This purified form is thereafter transformed to be a part of the Ice Atmospheric Fountain. Every such process delivers 4% of new Savia Atmospheric waters from the Ice Fountains.

The Ice and the Condensation Fountains have now been operating purely free of electricity for the past two years while they are using the Winter Fountain for the past six months. These waters have served to be very useful in areas with scarce water over long periods of time and those encountering drought conditions. More water means more food and hope for expansion of agricultural lands.

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