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Why a Traditional Flashlight is Better than Mobile’s Torch?

Screen Lighting

About a decade ago the sales of flashlights or torch lights were high and everyone needs a good flashlight for their daily use. But with the introduction of flashlights in Smartphone and bar phones has reduced the use of traditional torch lights. Now the demand for torch lights is very low as most of the people believe that there is no use of carrying an extra heavy object when they have a flashlight on their Smartphone.

But the flashlight of a mobile can’t be a good replacement for a traditional torch in any case. The main problem of using the torch of a mobile is that the battery of a mobile is not good enough and you have to utilize that battery for many other things. For example, you have to make the calls which consume a lot of battery, you might need to see the Google maps while traveling and it also consumes a lot of mobile’s battery.

In such a case if you use the torch, you might get in trouble in a dark area and you might be left alone while having no torch and no call facility as your mobile’s battery might get empty.

Moreover, the light of a mobile torch is not enough to help you in a dark place when you are traveling. You can’t see a distant object with the help of mobile’s torch. In such a case only the light of a traditional torch is useful which can show you distant objects with high light intensity and a wide angle.

wide 100 degree angle torch light

Screen Lighting is a flashlight which you need to carry with your while you are traveling or you can use it at home when there is no light. Normally people don’t want to carry a screen lighting with them as most of the lights are heavy and big in size. Whereas this screen lighting is portable in size and you can put it in your bag easily.

The other big advantage of having such a screen lighting is that it has a wide angle of 100 degrees. It covers more area and you can have a good sight while you are in a dark jungle where you need to watch everywhere around you. The indicators on the flash light will tell you if the battery is low or full and while on charging, the indicator will show a different color of light that your torch is getting charged.

battery charging indicators

It comes with a battery capacity of 8800 mAh and you can use it continuously for a complete day of 24 hours. Obviously, you can’t use your mobile for whole 24 hours without charging while you have to make calls and you also need to use its camera so if you also use its charge, it will hardly last for only 4 to 6 hours.

You can use any type C charger to charge your battery, this type C charger is in use with many Smartphones as well so there is a chance that your mobile charger is compatible with this flashlight.

It is a multi-purpose light, you can use it with your mountain bike, you can mount it on your helmet while hiking. You can even hang it on a high place when you are having a dinner at a dark place on your trip to hilly areas. You can also use this torch as a flash light for your DSLR camera.

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