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A Brief Guide To Get Top Page Ranking on Baidu Search Engine

baidu seo guide

Almost all our SEO related articles are written to optimize the website for Google. But we all know that a lot of internet users are from China and it is the hub of online marketing and online selling purchasing. Baidu is the search engine which is widely used in China instead of Google, so we think that we should provide a brief guide to our readers for Baidu SEO.

The SEO techniques for Baidu search engines are somehow different from the techniques that we use for Google so, we have to take care of few things.


Selecting Top Level Domain .CN

The .cn domain is the top-level domain that represents that this site is created specifically for the people of China. Though Baidu has nothing to do with the top level domain and it does not have any direct effect on your SEO for Baidu. But, indirectly it will affect because the visitorsChina china when see a .cn domain in the search results they will prefer to click on that site.

Even if your site is on 7th or 8th position, a Chinese visitor will prefer to visit it and hence Baidu will give importance to your website and bring it on the top of other websites because of the trust level signal it gets from these clicks.

Website Should be Accessible in China

Before you start your Baidu SEO, you should check that your website is not blocked by The Great Firewall of China (GFW). As we all know that many well-known websites are not accessible in China because of their censorship rules, so before you start SEO work for Baidu search engine, you should be aware that your website is not blocked in China and it is easily accessible.

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Use Chinese CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used to speed up the website and a good loading speed is a great signal for all search engines including Google and Baidu. But when you are doing SEO for Baidu, you must be aware that any Global CDN can be blocked by the government of China without any notice. The Global CDN works well in China but it can be blocked anytime. So it is advised that if you are doing Baidu SEO, then using a local CDN is the wise option.

If you use the local Chinese CDN provider than it would be a bit costly for you, but if you are doing a good business then you must use the local CDN service for better speed and a boost in SEO results.


HTTPS Protocol

Google is good enough to handle the HTTPS protocol, but Baidu adopted this protocol very late. Though Baidu is also providing support for the crawling the HTTPS websites, but still it is not very good and immature. So we will advise you not to switch to HTTPS protocol if you are doing Baidu SEO.

Meta Tags

With a small difference, the meta tags have the same effects in Baidu SEO just like the Google SEO. You should use the most important and relevant keywords in the page title and the page description. Baidu gives more importance to the page title, so if your most relevant keywords are in the page title i.e. the first sentence of your website’s page then you are likely getting higher rankings than others.

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Alt tag have the same importance as in Google for images. So you must use these meta tags to take advantage of Baidu SEO.

Submit URLs to Baidu for Indexing

Just like you use the Google’s webmasters tool, Baidu also provides its own webmasters’ tool which is called Zhanzhang. You can create your XML sitemap and submit your sitemap to Zhanzhang webmaster tool to submit the URLs of your website for crawling. But if you want your new web pages to be crawled quickly then you can submit the URLs manually as well.

Final Words

We have discussed only a few things which are important for Baidu SEO, but you should read this detailed Baidu SEO guide for a better understanding of Baidu search engine. This guide will provide you more information and in-depth knowledge of the tips and techniques about the search engine optimization guide for Baidu.


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