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Simple and Easy DIY Curtain Ideas To Transform Your Windows


I love my curtains because I can easily change the complete look of my room by just changing the curtains on my windows. To give a major facelift, I usually change the curtains in my room every 5 to 6 months because I have a lot of DIY curtain ideas in my mind.

You might also one of them who wanted to change the curtains on a regular basis but hesitate because you don’t want to spend money every time. So no need to worry about the money, now you can make your own simple and easy DIY curtains for windows.

Ikea Hack Pom Pom DIY Curtains


Just look at the design and elegance. You can make your own DIY Ikea hack Pom Pom curtains at a very cheap price but it will look like that you have bought it from some expensive and branded home improvement store.

Ikea Hack Pom Pom DIY Curtains

You can pay 100 to 200 united states dollars to buy this simple, still elegant curtains, but if you do a little work, you can make these curtains in just 20$. Plus, you can make the changes in the design as per your choice.

Lace Covered Window Screens

Lace Covered Window Screens

Now, this one is my favorite. The traditional curtains need a pipe rod so that you can hang the curtains on the windows, but this is a totally different style. The lace-covered window screens will totally change the look of your room and you will feel that you are sitting in some Royal room.

Window Screens Lace Covered

Before you read further, you can check these custom made curtains Singapore.

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What you have to do is to find some old lace curtains and cover the screens of your window with these old lace curtains. You can use some glue to secure the curtains on the screen. If you don’t have used lace curtains, you can use any other fabric, like tablecloths that are made up of white lace.

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