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Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand: Overview and Things to Do

Sky Ride at Sky Tower

The skyscraping structure known as the Sky Tower can be seen rising over the rest of the city of Auckland. From the viewing decks atop this iconic tower, visitors may take in some truly spectacular panoramas.

The Sky Tower is mostly used as an office building for telecommunications companies, but it also features a number of restaurants and bars on its premises. Additionally, it is the tallest in the hemisphere’s southern half.

The Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand, is the highest man-made structure in the entire southern hemisphere, standing at 328 meters in height.

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It is possible to receive a view of the city from the tower that is comparable to that seen from a helicopter, which contributes to the tower’s popularity as a tourist destination. In addition to that, there are two activities atop the tower that will get your heart racing.

The SkyWalk is a walk on a narrow platform that encircles the building at an altitude of approximately 190 meters. If walking around isn’t exciting enough for you, the SkyJump offers the possibility to simply jump off the structure (yes, there will be a harness).

In addition to these, there are more cafes and restaurants located on the tower. These include the sophisticated Sugar Club, the spinning Orbit 360, and the Sky Cafe.

How to Get There

The Sky Tower is conveniently reachable from the Auckland International Airport by a bus ride that takes about forty-five minutes to complete. It is only a two-minute walk from the train stations that are located in the Central Business District of Auckland.

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The building can be found on Victoria Street West in the city of Auckland, New Zealand, at the intersection of Victoria Street and Federal Street.

A great number of bus lines, including the 129 and the 76X, make stops at bus stations that are only a few steps away from the Sky Tower.

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Activities at Sky Tower

Here are the top things to do at Sky Tower which are totally safe but are very adventurous.

Sky Jump

Take the jump from the edge of the Sky Tower if you are one of those people who is always grumbling about how long the elevator takes. Perform a base jump out of the Sky Tower, and then freefall the remaining 192 meters.

Bungee wires are linked to your feet as you fall headfirst from frightening heights; this is an attraction that all those who are addicted to the rush of adrenaline should definitely check out.

Because your bungee jump will be led by AJ Hackett, New Zealand’s foremost and most-respected bungee specialist, you can be assured that you will be in the safest hands possible.

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You have the option of purchasing tickets in-person at the Sky Tower or online via the organization’s main website.

Sky Walk

Things to Do at Sky Tower Auckland

People have the ability to go outside the building’s pergola at Sky Tower, which is a particularly exhilarating experience for those who choose to do so.

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Oh, and the elevation is just 192 meters above ground level. Full-body harnesses not only ensure that you are securely connected to safety but also provide you with unparalleled vantage points of Auckland.

You have the option of purchasing tickets in-person at the Sky Tower or online via the organization’s main website.

If you are a Hong Kong National, then you must have a New Zealand visa for Hong Kong citizens in order to do the Skywalk on Sky Twoer in Auckland, New Zealand.


In 1997, the building of the Sky Tower, which stretches into the distance of the Auckland skyline, was finally finished.

Some of the tower’s higher floors are accessible to the general public, despite the fact that the majority of the structure is occupied by a communications office that operates as Auckland’s primary FM transmitter. On level 52, you’ll find the only rotating restaurant in New Zealand, which is called the Orbit 360 restaurant.

Guests are provided with a revolving view of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf while they dine on dishes inspired by the cuisine of the area that was prepared to utilize farm fresh and local ingredients. When you order a meal at Orbit 360, you will receive a voucher for a free visit to the SkyDeck.

A well-known New Zealand chef named Peter Gordon helms one of the kitchens at The Sugar Club, one of the many restaurants that can be found on the floors of the Sky Tower.

The Sugar Club is known for creating unique and flavorful fusions of cuisines from around the world utilizing locally sourced, fresh produce that is in season.

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The Sugar Club even provides locations for individuals to hold their wedding festivities, proving that it is possible to find love even 52 stories in the air.

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