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9 Smart SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic on WordPress Blog

Smart SEO Tips Increase Organic Traffic

For any blogger or website owner, getting more targeted traffic on the website or blog is a dream. To get more traffic to your website, you need to do a lot of things that include on-site SEO and then the off-site SEO i.e link building.

But apart from these methods, there are some more smart ways to increase organic traffic on your blog or website. these smart SEO tips will help you to get more page views from your existing visitors.


In this article, we will mention 9 smart SEO tips to increase organic traffic on your website. So, let’s start;

1# Add Internal Links To News Pages

When you create new content, it is important to get some visitors on those new pages as well. It is somehow difficult to get traffic on the new pages as they need some time to get indexed in Google and then get the ranking for the relevant keywords.

But if you are smart, you can get targeted traffic on the new content right from day 1.

You just need to find some old pages on your website or blog that has relevant content. Open those pages and add internal links to the new page from those old pages.

The best way is to find those relevant pages that already ranked high in Google and getting a lot of visitors. When you are getting 100 visitors on 1 page on a single day, you can provide them a relevant page by creating an internal link. A few of them will definitely click on the new page and read your new post.

You can find the relevant pages on your blog manually by selecting the relevant category on the WordPress posts page. Or you can use the search bar of your website as well.

Another way to find the relevant pages is to get help from Google by searching “organic traffic”

This query will provide you all the pages that have the key phrase “organic traffic” on the existing pages of

Obviously, you have to write your own domain name and your own key phrase while searching for the relevant pages on your website.

2# Do Regular Content Audit

Content audit of any website is very important in order to increase organic traffic. If you provide fresh content on your old pages, it will be a plus. But it is not a hard and fast rule.

You should check your content after every 6 to 12 months and try to understand which pages require some fresh content to improve the value for the readers.

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For example, if you have a page on your website that has some package details of a cellular network, it requires updates after every few months. Cellular companies keep providing new packages. So whenever there are new packages or the revised prices from that company, go to the relevant page on your website and update your content.

Some pages might also need to get deleted if they are adding no value to your website in any way. Soon, we will write a step by step guide so that you can understand which pages should be deleted and which pages should get fresh content.

3# Add Sub-Topics in Existing Articles

If you have an article that is getting good traffic, but it is missing some valuable sub-topic; you should add those sub-topics in order to improve your organic traffic.

It will help you in 2 different ways.

1- Google spiders will find new relevant content on the already indexed and ranked page, so it gives it more importance and keeps it ranking high.

2- Your readers will also get benefitted from the new content as they find all the information on the same page.

To understand this, consider the example of another post on this website. This post is about how to do a successful email marketing campaign.

Now, if I think that there is a way to send the email directly into the primary inbox and avoiding it going to the trash or spam folder, then I should add it as a sub-topic on the same old existing article post.

4# Make Videos of Your Blog Posts

If you have a valuable blog post on your website that is getting a lot of traffic, you can make a video as well of that blog. Like if we have a blog post about how to create a WordPress website and we know that people also search for it on YouTube, then it would be the best post to repurpose this blog post to a YouTube video.

After making a video about the same blog post, we can embed that video on our blog post that will appeal to the visitors because some like to read while some like to watch the videos.

With that, we will also get a chance to appear on the top page in multiple positions. Like our blog post can appear as the organic search result along with the YouTube video in Google’s video carousel.

5# Fix Broken Backlinks To Your Blog

Again, you need to perform this fix again and again. You should repeat it at least twice a year.

The first thing that you should do is to find all the backlinks to your website to the dead pages. Backlinks to these dead pages are just a waste of money.

These backlinks will not help in the site ranking and also leaves a negative impact on your business on the visitor’s mind.

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When you find the backlinks from AHREFS or any other SEO audit tool, you should check where is the problem. If you accidentally deleted that page then it is better to restore the page immediately so that you don’t lose your visitors.

If you deleted that page just because you have the same type of content with better value on another page, then do a redirect for that dead page to the better version of the same content.


If the link creator has done the mistake while creating a backlink to your page, then try to reach him and request him to fix the link. Most probably he will respond to your request and he will fix that broken link and you will start getting traffic and link juice from that link.

Alternatively, check this guide about the broken links and how to handle 404 pages and redirects.

But remember, that you need to do this if the broken links are from some valuable websites. If the links are from trash or spammy sites, then no need to work hard to fix these links as they will not give you an advantage.

6# Convert Your Infographics into Backlinks

If you have created your own custom images, or you have designed some useful infographics and other websites are using these images or infographics, then you deserve credit for that.

In most cases, people use your infographic without linking back to the source from where they get the image.

In that case, you should find the websites which are using your infographics or simple images. When you find, check from the page source if they are link back to your website or not?

If they didn’t provide a backlink, or if they linked directly to the image file then reach them and request them to give proper credit by creating a source link back to your website.

If you do so, most of the people won’t hesitate to give you a credit and you will get additional backlinks without any problem that will increase organic traffic to your website.

7# Monitor Competitor’s Backlinks

If you are working hard on creating quality content and high authority backlinks but even then you are not getting on the top position, then monitor your competitor’s link profile for the specific key phrases.

You can use the AHREFS tool to check the link profile of your competitor. You must have an account on this website to use this tool.

When you get the link profile, then find the websites linking to your competitor’s specific page that is on top and you are not able to beat them. Check the quality backlinks of your competitor and try to get the links from the same pages.

Also, check if someone linked to your competitor page while you have better content, then ask the site owner to link to your site instead of the competitor site as you have a better value of content.

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Those who create natural white hat links will understand your request and they will replace the competitor’s link with your link. In this way you will be able to beat your competitor and you will start getting more organic traffic to your site.

8# Speed Up Your Website

Speed is another factor that may affect organic traffic. If your website is loading slowly, then a lot of visitors will leave your site when the page is not loaded in 5 to 6 seconds.

It will increase the bounce rate and you will lose a lot of visitors even after getting on the top of the search results.

To fix this issue you need to speed up your website. There are various ways to decrease the load time of your website.

Cache Plugin: If you are using a WordPress blog, then you can install a cache plugin. The cache plugin will help in loading the site fast as it provides a cached version of your web page to the visitor that takes less time to load.

Use a CDN: You must use a premium CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. If you can’t afford the premium service, then you can use the Free CDN by Cloudflare as well that delivered the content from one of its locations which is nearest to the end-user.

9# Embed YouTube Videos on Relevant Pages

Most people search for videos by using the ‘video’ tab of the Google search engine. Mostly this tab shows the YouTube videos in the search results.

But what many people don’t know is that it also shows the blog posts that have the relevant videos embedded on the pages.


So, if you embed your YouTube videos on the relevant pages, you will have a chance to rank higher in the video tab as well for your blog post. If with your good SEO, you rank in the video tab, you will start getting more organic traffic on your blog post.

What To Do Now?

Now, when you know these 9 smart SEO tips to increase organic traffic on your blog, it is time to access your blog and implement these tips one by one on your blog posts.

It would be great if you can bookmark this page on your browser’s bookmarks bar so that you can access these 9 smart SEO tips anytime you need them. In case, you don’t know how to do this, just ask your SEO expert to read these SEO tips and make sure to implement any of the SEO tips that he is missing.

Once you implement these SEO tips on your blog you will see an increase in your organic traffic very soon.


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