Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning can Improve Efficiency

why solar panel maintenance

The efficiency of Solar panels is the only criteria to decide whether the panel is good for your use or not. But it is also a fact that the output of all the panels decreases with the time. Even those who have purchased the best quality solar panels have complaints that the efficiency of their panels decreases within 12 to 15 months of installation.

Is it possible to improve Solar Panel’s efficiency?

Proper and regular solar panel maintenance can increase the efficiency from 30 to 50% easily. According to Google’s survey, the efficiency of solar panel which is in use for 15 months can be improved up to 50% by cleaning it.

According to the same survey, cleaning the solar panel is the best and effective way to improve the output and efficiency.

Should we clean Solar Panels?

Many people believe that the rain is enough to clean the dirt, bird drops, dust and other debris. It is true that dust and dirt negatively affect the efficiency of solar panels, but rain is not enough for cleaning the dirt.

Solar panel cleaning is a must to improve the efficiency and according to the same Google’s survey, cleaning the solar panel properly provides 12% more output as compared to panels cleaned by rain.

Neglecting Solar panel maintenance can cost extra money

If you don’t clean your solar panel regularly it would cost you extra money as the output and efficiency will decrease and then you have to pay bills for the extra electricity that you need to purchase from your electricity provider.

If you don’t know how to clean the solar panel then you can hire a professional for Solar panel cleaning service. If you neglect the solar panel maintenance the efficiency will decrease up to 15% to 25% and it also decreases the overall life of your panel.

How often should we clean solar panels?

Normally if we clean the panel system for once a year it is sufficient. But in some cases and areas where there are more pollution and dust, the solar panel needs to be cleaned twice a year.

The places around the deserts even require more regular solar panel maintenance because a lot of sand can deposit on the solar panel plates which decreases the efficiency drastically. So you have to decide yourself depending on the area where you live.

Make it sure that you don’t try to clean the panel when there is direct sunlight as the plates get very hot in the sunlight. So it is better to clean the solar panel in the morning or afternoon. Or you can pick a cool day as well.

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