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How To Spy on Whatsapp Messages Free Without Target Phone

Last updated on September 10, 2018


If we say that Whatsapp is most popular messaging app then we are not wrong. Almost everyone who is using a Smartphone and internet also using the Whatsapp and that is why people search a lot on the internet about how to spy on Whatsapp messages without target phone.

Boys want to spy their girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages and girls want to spy on their boyfriend’s Whatsapp messages. Same is the case in husband-wife relation or even parents want to check what their kids are doing on Whatsapp. Due to the popularity of this search term, there is much fake and misleading information available on the internet.

You will find many low-quality spy apps for Android and iOS but you can find hardly any working app.

Along with misleading information, there are few apps that can actually give you access to someone else WhatsApp messages. You can find the best WhatsApp spy app here which might be useful and help you in this task.

But here I will guide you how to spy on Whatsapp messages for free without any software and it works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. You don’t need an app for this method and you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge.

You just need your own Android mobile and only for two minutes, you need to have access to the target mobile as well.

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This technique is called Mac spoofing and it is very easy to get other’s WhatsApp messages on your own mobile.

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Just follow these steps to spy on other’s WhatsApp:

Warning: Hacking is illegal, do this at your own risk. You might be caught by FIA.

  • Find the Mac address of target phone by going into settings > about phone > status and then Wi-Fi MAC address and note it down. You can check on Google how to find Mac address on iOS or Windows.
  • Uninstall the Whatsapp on your own mobile.
  • Change the Mac address of your own mobile and set it same as your target’s Mac address. There are different apps available for Android and iOS to change your Mac address.
  • After this, you need to re-install Whatsapp on your own mobile.
  • Enter the target’s mobile number carefully and note down the activation code sent to the target’s mobile number. You need to have your target mobile for only these two steps which need hardly two minutes.  After noting down the code you can delete the activation message from target mobile.
  • Now you need to use that code for activation and you need to change the Mac address again of your own mobile to the original Mac address of your mobile.

If you follow all these instructions without any mistake then WhatsApp will send all the messages, photos and other media to your own mobile as well. But you should know that this is unethical and illegal to spy on others without any purpose so be careful and don’t do these bad things.

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