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Start Your Online Business Today And Work From Home

Last updated on September 2, 2019

start online store today

In one of our previous article, we write about how Pakistani girls and other working women can make money online by starting their first WordPress website. Three basic ideas provided in that article were good if they wanted to make money using Google Adsense or by monetizing the content with any other service.


In this article, we will write about how they can start their business online by setting up an online store in just a few hours. A little or even no investment required for this and your online store will be ready to sell products.

What do you want to sell?

Before you create your online store, you must know what are you going to sell online. For Pakistani or Indian housewives, it is very easy to create their own online boutique because most of the Asian women are very good at designing modern dresses according to their own culture.

Or if you are the one who is not good at designing dresses, you can even contact a lady around you who are doing the same for the local market. You can get contact with such persons and can make a deal that they will provide you their designs and then you will sell those online and get your commission.

Or you can sell ladies jewelry or any other handmade products in which you believe you are good.

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How To Setup Online Store In Few Hours?

Now, many people believe that they can’t set up their online store as they are not good at coding. But thanks to Prestashop which is a powerful eCommerce platform. With just few clicks you can install the script and your online store is ready.


Now you need to add different categories, products, descriptions and have to create different menus. You can easily integrate payment methods like Paypal (Though not available for Pakistan), Visa debit cards, credit cards or even you can set Cash on Delivery (COD) option which is widely used in Pakistan and people trust on that.

You can find many video tutorials on YouTube if you feel any difficulty about how to set up an eCommerce store using Prestashop.

Single Vendor Online Store

When you have decided that you want to sell different products online by setting up your eCommerce online store, then you need to invest some amount as well. You have to create a single vendor store which is by default.

It means, only you can sell the products in your store. You have to visit different other stores and get ideas on how to present your products in different categories like Top selling products, Top reviewed products and many more options like this.


If you can’t design clothes or other products then you have to contact different wholesalers and buy products which you want to sell online. Make it sure that at the first stage don’t order big quantity.

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Multi-Vendor Online Store

If you don’t want to take a risk and don’t want to sell your own products just because you don’t have much investment, even then you can set up your online store using eCommerce PrestaShop script.

In this case, you have to create a multi-vendor online store. At the multi-vendor online store, different retailers can create their account and they can sell different products which they own. For every product they sell through your online multi-vendor store, you will get a fixed amount of commission.

Again, thanks to PrestaShop which provide this functionality as well and you can use any plugin or extension that supports multi-vendor option. After setting up a multi-vendor store, you have to promote your online store on social media, and around your contacts.

You can contact with different boutique owners, or different local stores and you can invite them to create their online account at your store so that they can list their product at your store and can get orders.

You have to offer them and convince them that there will be no charges for listing the product or for using your website. Just they have to pay you a small commission amount lets say only 5% whenever they sell a product using your store.

In this way, you only need to invest in promoting your store and no need to invest in buying products. People will sell their own products and you will earn a commission from each sale.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your hosting plan and register a domain to install your eCommerce online store using PrestaShop.

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