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How SyncMate Secure Vivo Mobile Data on Mac by Synchronization

syncmate for vivo pc suite

With the increasing use of mobiles and tablets, it is a common practice that people keep their important data and other credentials on the mobile devices. Capturing photos from the mobile camera on different parties and functions is also very common and normally people want to keep these memories safe in the mobile storage. I myself have saved my social accounts passwords, emails credentials, banking and credit card details on my mobile. Though I know how to keep this critical information safe and secure from any illegal access. But what if I lost my mobile accidentally?

Obviously, there are high chances of such incidents and mobile snatching is also common, so in this case, the best option is to keep the backup of mobile storage on a different device like it can be PC or Mac. I am using Vivo mobile and at home, I have a mac in my use for my professional work. I can save the backup on daily basis, but it’s a hectic job and for this purpose, I need to keep the mobile idle during data transfer process. I would like to have an application that automatically syncs my Vivo mobile with mac whenever both devices are active and are close to each other.

Vivo assistant for Mac is the application that does exactly the same as I described above.

SyncMate provides this option to sync Vivo with mac using Vivo PC suite for mac which is a paid application and provides the best service. I have connected my Vivo mobile with SyncMate PC suite for Vivo and enabled its automatic synchronization options with the time limit of one hour. By this settings, whenever I am in my house and both my devices are active and connected to the wifi, SyncMate starts the synchronization process in the background after every sixty minutes. I don’t need to do anything for this and all my data is always secure.

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SyncMate doesn’t slow down the mobile performance and it doesn’t ask you to close any running application as the complete process performs in the background. Now there is nothing to worry about the possibility of losing access to mobile for any reason. All my important data is saved on my mac device.

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