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The Future of Nonprofit Fundraising

Last updated on October 28, 2017


We are taking a break from our typical tech content to focus on a fantastic platform for nonprofits. More and more nonprofits are approaching us for advice about which tools are optimized to support their success. We asked for recommendations and were surprised to have 23 nonprofit tools recommended to us. We definitely had no clue that there were so many on the market.

I’m especially excited about a nonprofit fundraising software that includes all the applications a nonprofit need including a database, comprehensive events management, online giving pages, email marketing with the ability to launch drip marketing campaigns, auction hosting, an e-commerce site, to do list tracking, templated website design tools, and very impressive reporting tools. The toolset is built by LiveImpact, a tech company solely focused on ensuring success for nonprofits. Their name is inspired by their founder’s commitment to helping nonprofits showcase their impact. Some of you that don’t work in the space may not know that impact and outcomes are the most important metrics that nonprofits can report to the individuals, companies, and foundations that fund them.

More than just a suite of tools that work nicely together, the LiveImpact platform has gone a few steps further to bring the apps they built together so they can work together. It was clear during the demo that this integration supports automation and time savings. We should also note that LiveImpact has departed from the status quo in nonprofit software UI because unlike their competitors, their software looks nice and is inviting. Their competitors still tend to maintain UI that is reminiscent of databases built in the 90’s. Our team hasn’t seen a formidable competitor to LiveImpact, although there are plenty of companies taking on certain pieces of the proverbial nonprofit software pie.

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LiveImpact offers a volunteer module, fundraising module, and program/outcomes module. These modules can be used separately or together and all of their forms, giving screens, event pages, and e-newsletters are mobile friendly from the get-go which is conducive to support the growth of mobile access. We would encourage you to schedule a demo by visiting their website. We found their staff to be attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly not sales.

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