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The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Ice Maker Machine

ice making machine buying guide

Running out of ice is not a good experience for anyone especially when guests are at home. Though you can have a couple of ice bowls or ice bags in your freezer but that is not enough during summers. If you try to stock more bagged ice then it will not be possible as your freezer will fill up very quickly and there won’t be any space left for the frozen food.


In that case, buying an ice maker machine can solve your problem. You can get the ice as many times as you need from a good quality ice maker. If you have one, you won’t get out of ice even when there are a lot of guests at your home on your wedding anniversary or for any party.

But remember, it is only possible if you buy the right type of ice maker. If you make mistakes while buying the machine, it could be a nightmare for you. So don’t forget to check this basic guide on how to buy an ice maker machine for your home.

Before you buy an ice maker, you should consider the following factors:

Type of Ice Maker Machine

This is very important and you need to consider the placement for your ice maker machine as well. If you need to place it in your kitchen and you don’t have any space under the shelves, then you should go for a countertop ice maker. If you have a special place in the kitchen counter, then an under counter ice maker would be perfect for you.

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With placement, you should also consider if you need an ice dispenser or modular ice machine. You should keep this thing in mind with many others as we discuss below.

Type of Ice You Need

Type of ice might not be important for some people as they only want just sufficient ice to keep your drinks chilled. But you might have a preference for Ice. So, if you have, you should consider this factor as well.


There are many ice machines available that can provide you nugget ice, also called sonic ice. You can also look for a machine that provides cube ice, crescent ice, flake ice, and many other types of ice.

Production Rate

Usually, the production rate is not important if you are getting the ice making machine for your house. But if you need to use that in a restaurant or at a public place, then the production rate is very important for you. So, it is always important to know the production rate of the ice machine when you are buying to use it in a public place.

Also, remember that there are various factors that affect the production rate. Like the environment around the machine and proper installation and ventilation are the key factors that can affect the production rate.

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Capacity of Ice Maker

Many ice makers come with extra storage space. So along with the production rate, you should also consider the storage space of your new machine. If you need ice frequently then you should go for an ice-making machine that can store the extra amount of ice and vice versa.

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If you have parties too often, then go for a machine that provides enough storage space for ice so that you won’t require any other place to store ice on parties and events.


Drain Option

You should also consider the drain options while buying the new ice maker. If you have a drain within 2 feet from the place where you install the ice maker, then gravity drain would perfect option for you.

If the drain is not near then you should consider the machine that comes with drain pumps so that it can drain out any excess amount of water from the machine easily.


The last and obvious thing to consider is the cost of the machine that you are going to buy. You should consider your budget for this as well. If you have a low budget but demand is high, then don’t compromise on a low priced machine.

It will be a waste of money and soon you would need another ice-making machine. In this case, you should arrange some money anyhow to buy the ice maker that can fulfill your demand for ice.


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