The Vintage LED Bulb: An effective way to save electricity


Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are an ultimate evolution in the world of lighting technology. It is the perfect answer in this fast-paced world to the highly efficient energy consumption needs that were unanswered till the emergence of LED bulbs. They are serving as the most appropriate break-through solution of the hefty electricity bills today. Good quality LED bulbs have left other newly erupting lighting technologies back in the race that also claim to efficiently save energy bills.

Among the many companies manufacturing these LED bulbs of several types today, you must have found many that are unable to bear the power fluctuations and become dysfunctional due to multiple factors soon. Therefore, go for the well-reputed light bulbs as they last much longer, are more cost and energy efficient, and emit a much better quality of light than other similar sources with the same voltage.

LEDs surely have the capability to restructure the future of electricity consumed via lighting sources. Studies show that if widespread use of LEDs is adopted, then by 2027, 348 TWh of electric power can be saved, which is equal to the yearly supply of 44 big electric power plants. LED bulbs used at homes save up to 75% of electric energy.

Benefits of LED lighting

  • Emit light in one direction– LED bulbs are unidirectional; their light rays are focused and not spread out, which minuses the needs for tools to absorb excessive light emitted or those to prevent light to be emitted in a diffused form. In other words, the light source is not worthy for many applications if the light emitted is spread out as the needed light won’t be emitted in one direction.
  • Size– LED bulbs are compact in size with a smart look. Blue, red and green LEDs are used to produce milky white LED light.
  • Cold light source– you might have often experienced excessive heat being emitted near the bulbs emitting light. This makes the room heated up quite soon and makes it difficult to perform a task near such lighting source for long, for example, incandescent bulbs. This is not the case with LED bulbs. They produce desirable cold comfortable white light.

You can buy dimmable LED bulbs if you are using them as night bulbs and can also easily perform your daily chores and involve in studies with a relaxed mind while using a Vintage LED Bulb.

As the name says, these are exotically styled LED bulbs, most demanded in restaurants, coffee shops and bars these days. They come in various shapes and the light feels to emit via a traditional filament like a coil of the conventional bulbs. The new LED technology blended with the filament-like look makes the Vintage LED Bulb look very classy.

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