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5 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner buying guide

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is no longer simply a purchase in which you can choose between a few models. Today there are as many brands and models and there are brands that have been specializing in a niche market. So, for example, we have a vacuum with cord that is ideal for cleaning the car and small corners of the thing like the sofa or the curtains, the sledge-like ones that are very compact and comfortable to wear.

The vacuum cleaners that clean dust and at the same time liquids, broom vacuums that are handled like a broom and are usually wireless, even robots that do the job by themselves.

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With this guide what we intend is to make things easier for you in your purchase decision or at least give you the maximum details so that you can finally decide which is the best option and which one best suits your needs, because as the professionals say, there is not a client to buy a vacuum cleaner and the truth is that it is true.

  • Stainless, light and resistant materials: There is no doubt that to achieve a longer life, the vacuum cleaner must not have oxidizable parts or fragile plastics. Remember that the only guarantee that a piece has so that it does not rust, is that it is made of very resistant plastic or stainless steel. Any other material or painted, if it jumps before a blow, will begin an irremediable oxidation that will end in anticipated form with the useful life of its vacuum cleaner.
  • The power of the motor: It is a very important characteristic since to greater power of a motor, in general, we will obtain a greater power of suction. A more powerful engine, although it will consume a little more, will have the intensity required when vacuuming. The power of a good motor goes from 1100 to 1600 Watts.
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  • The suction power: Despite having the same engine power, two vacuum cleaners of different brands do not always aspire with the same efficiency. The result of optimum suction power is the sum of the engine power and the design technology of the vacuum cleaner. The suction power is the most important thing a vacuum cleaner has and it is measured in Watts.
  • Filtration levels: The secret of an effective vacuum cleaner is not only in the suction power but also in the multiple levels of filtration. The first filter is the bag itself, which is designed to contain large objects, dust and lint in general. Many bags are double, which is equivalent to two filters.
  • Power variation: The advantage of having a power control of the electronic type, will allow you, on the one hand, to better adapt the suction system to all types of fabrics and surfaces.

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It is very important to understand that using a product that does not have a paper bag, cannot only affect the filtering capacity since the washes of the fabric bag can also be released when the contents of the fabric bag are removed. The garbage basket will dump all the fine dust in the area, in your lungs and in your nose.

Paper bags really cost very little money and are much more practical and hygienic. There are even vacuum cleaners whose bags when removed are closed preventing the exit of any particle of dust.

If you vacuum daily, when you deposit less dust, you will need less power. This means much less noise, and lower power consumption, since by electronically lowering the speed, the motor consumption decreases. If there is no electronic control, the product must have a sliding opening in the handle that allows the suction power to be relieved.

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