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Things to Know About Fishing & Basic Tips for Beginners

Last updated on October 5, 2017


Fishing is a great way to spend your holidays with your friends and family and many people do so if they have access to a nearby river or lakes. Instead of buying fish from the market if you get your own fish from a nearby river, lake or a fish form then you can have a great taste as well as can spend your day in a healthy and happier activity. Here I will give you good tips for fishing which are helpful for the beginners and at Buy Fishing Guide you can see about fish finder GPS combo which can be bought from Amazon or other online stores.


Understand Basic Procedure

First, you start the proper fishing you should know the basics. There are various books on fishing you can find online or you can find different tips on the basics of fishing from the internet. From these books or online tips, you can learn how to add fishing bait to the hooks and also how to tie knots. These are the basics which you should know in detail before you actually start it.

Chose Right Equipment

As a beginner, you should go with simple equipment because they are easy to use like specific rod and reels that are easy for the newbies whereas if you use an open-faced fishing reel than you will be in trouble as these are only for experts.

Should Have Knowledge of Right Bait

You should also have the knowledge of the right bait for specific fish as different baits attract the different kind fish. For example, raw chicken liver or other special baits can attract the CatFish whereas insects can attract the bream fish.

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Change Depth & Place

You should also have a good knowledge of different places and depth of the water and you should be aware that where you can find the fish easily. Don’t waste your time in attempting to catch a fish at the wrong place or at the wrong depth. You should go deep if you can’t find it on the top and you should also change your place where you can find fish.

Along with all these as I said earlier that you should also get the proper equipment and the knowledge about how to use that equipment. Setting up a fishing rod for the first time is also very important. You should also read spincast reel reviews or other reel reviews before you use these for fishing.


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