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4 Things to Do in Mussoorie on a Family Vacation

Mussoorie Boating Adventure

In order to see and do everything in Mussoorie, you need to give yourself at least three days there. There are many exciting things to do in Mussoorie, such as shopping at the local markets, touring famous landmarks, and organizing day trips to nearby waterfalls and valleys.

Families may have a great time in Mussoorie and do a lot of different things together. Mussoorie offers a wide variety of activities to ensure that visitors have a memorable and enjoyable vacation.


Do you need more Mussoorie activity suggestions? Fishing in freshwater environments is abundant. Trout, Maund, and Mahseer are prized catches in this highland station. You may go trout fishing in plenty in both the Aglar and Yamuna rivers.

However, prior to your trip, you’ll need to acquire permits from the Mussoorie Divisional Forest Officer. The month of March in Mussoorie offers no better options for recreation.

Get your Indian visa for Swedish citizens so that you can enjoy fishing at Yamuna or Aglar rivers.

Observing Wild Animals on a Safari

Get out and view the sights on a wildlife cum tour and make your vacation one to remember. If you’re looking for an exciting thing to do in Mussoorie, this is it.

If you’re interested in animals, you should definitely check out the Benog Sanctuary. Some of the animals that call this sanctuary home are the Leopard Himalayan Bear, Mountain Quail, and Panther.

However, Jabarkhet Wildlife Sanctuary is a fantastic location for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. At night, leopards may be visible. There are martens, porcupines, langurs, martens, black bears, and leopards living there.

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Boating on Mussoorie Lake is another popular pastime for visitors to this hill region. The lake is generally the first stop on the journey to Mussoorie. The lake is a pleasant rest point on the way to Mussoorie.

About 6 kilometers separate you from the heart of the city. You may rent a boat and cruise around the lake, and there are a few food stalls where you can sample the regional specialties.

On the return trip, you can stop at the lake to take in the scenery and go boating. An Indian visa for Spanish citizens can be obtained online but you need to submit proper documents.

Culinary Tour

One of the most popular things to do in Mussoorie is a traditional cuisine tour, so if you’re hungry for something different, you should definitely consider signing up.

Mussoorie’s cuisine takes cues primarily from Garhwali and Tibetan cooking styles. Your favorite dimsums, Thukpas, and noodle soups will all be available to you during your stay. Rice, lentils, pulses, meat, and dairy products are the staples of the local diet.

Garhwali cuisine is diverse, but some of the most well-known dishes are Aloo ke Gutke, Gul Gula, Jhangora ki Kheer, Singodi, Bhangjeera, Bal Mithai, Malta Juice, and Rose Juice.

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