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Tips on How to View WiFi Password on iPhone

view saved wifi password iPhone

When you connect an iPhone or iPad to a wifi router, it automatically saves the password. Every time when you are in the range of that router, your iPhone will automatically connect to that router through its wifi.


Though your iPhone has all the saved passwords of every router you connected with but viewing the passwords are sometimes difficult or even impossible for most of there users.

Luckily there are some ways to view the saved wifi password on the iPhone. Here we will discuss 3 different and easy ways:

First Method: Login to Router Settings

The easiest and simplest way is to log in to your router settings. You need to access the router settings login page by the IP address of your service provider.

To check the IP address, you need to navigate to Home > Settings > Wifi. From here tap on the “i” icon at your connected wifi connection.

From here you can view your IP Address

Open Safari, write the IP address and tap the enter button.

You will access the login page of router’s settings.

Use the username and password “admin” as most of the routers has the same login details as above.

If it won’t work, check your router model and search on the internet for its default password and then use that password with the login name admin.

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Once you are logged in, from the wireless settings of the router you can view your Wifi password using your iPhone.

But this method will not be effective if the owner of the router has changed the login details of the router’s settings.


Second Method: Use Free Wifi Passwords App

You can also use a free App to view your Wifi Password. The name of the app is “Wifi Passwords”. But this app will only work on an iPhone which is jailbroken.

If the iPhone is not jailbroken then you can’t use this app to view the saved wifi password on your iPhone.

Third Method: Use 4UKey Password Manager

If you don’t have access to your router’s settings login and your iPhone is not jailbreak, then 4UKey Password Manager by Tenorshare is the perfect solution.

This simple app will easily allow you to view the wifi password on your iPhone or iPad. You just need to connect your iPhone to Mac or Windows PC and then this app will scan your iPhone.

The scanning process will take only a few minutes and then it will show you all the wifi connections saved on your iPhone and you can view wifi password on your iPhone.

This app will also scan the Apple IDs which are used on your iPhone and you will get the saved login details of different apps or websites on your iPhone.

4UKey Password Manager also allows you to export the scanned login details in a .csv file so that you can view wifi passwords or other login details on your iPhone later.

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You can use this app on both Windows PC and Mac.


The video above will help you and you can see all the steps that you need to follow to view saved wifi password on iPhone.


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