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Top 10 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes of the World

Lakes are the beautiful water reservoirs which are basically surrounded by land from all sides. Nature is fully loaded with many amazing and beautiful landscapes on earth that was enhancing the beauty of nature.

Ocean and lake can be differentiated by their flow of water as the water of the ocean are flowing continuously and the lake’s water is still. There exist a large number of lakes on earth and from the hundred and thousands of beautiful lakes, we selected only top 10 lakes to discuss in detail.

  1. Plitvice Lake

most beautiful natural lakes in world

Croatia has the honor to have the most beautiful lake in the world, Plitvice Lake is located inside the Plitvice National Park which is counted as the largest national park of Croatia. Plitvice Lake consists of a total of sixteen lakes from which 12 lakes are grouped together as upper lakes while rest of four lakes are grouped as lower lakes of Plitvice National Park. This park is also considered as the oldest park in southeast Europe. The reason behind its stunning beauty is that it displays different colors at different seasons, at different angles of light and different times of the day.

The visiting rate of the lake is more than 1.2 million tourists per year from all over the globe.

  1. Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier pink lake most beautiful

Lake Hillier is well known as Pink Lake because the lake’s water is of pink color naturally. A thin division differentiates the Southern Ocean and Lake Hiller. Most commonly known Pink Lake is situated on the edge of Middle Island in Western Australia. The lake is deriving its pink color from the red pigment which is producing by Halobacteria and Dunaliella Salina, through sunlight it gains more energy to produce this color continuously. As the color of the lake is permanent, if some portion of pink water is taken away from the lake and transferred into a different container, it will also show pink color. As far as the description of Pink Lake is concerned, it is about 600 meters in length and 250 meters in width contains a high concentration of salt and hypersaline.


  1. Saiful Muluk Lake

Lake Saiful Muluk Most beautiful lakes

Lake Saiful Muluk is the beautiful natural lake of Pakistan, the tour of Saiful Muluk is not only the dream of Pakistani peoples but also the attractive tourist spot of the foreigners. The drop-dead beautiful lake is in 2.5 square kilometers area near Naran which is the most beautiful Northern end of Kaghan Valley. It is 3,224 meters above than the sea level and counted as one of the highest lakes of Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Saiful Muluk is believed to be linked with fairies because it is believed the fairies come down to the lake in full moon. A famous Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh has written about the lake that Saiful Muluk is the fairy tale (the story of Prince of Persia named Shahzada Saif Ul Malook who fell in love with a fairy of the lake named Shehzadi Badri Jamala). There are so many misconceptions about the depth of this lake due to fairy tales. Some local people believe that this lake is about 1KM deep, while others believe that it is 1.7 KM deep. There is also some people who still believe that depth of this lake is not measurable and no one knows how deep it is but a recent survey revealed that Lake Saiful Muluk is 50 meters deep which is more realistic.

  1. Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson

The next most beautiful natural lake is Lake Matheson, one of the most scenic locations in New Zeeland near South Westland. Popular Fox Glacier in this region is about few kilometers away.  One of the most sought tourist attractive lakes was about 14,000 years oldest and the home to a variety of water birds, eels, and flora. The popularity of the Matheson Lake is due to the stunning reflection of the view of two highest peaks of New Zeeland, Mount Cook, and Mount Tasman, as well as the surrounding Red and White Pine trees, enhance the beauty of the lake. The unusual brown color of the water is mainly due to draining of organic matters which comes from the nearby ancient forest. The attractive spot not only counted in most beautiful natural lakes due to having mirror view of mountains but also hosts thousands of visitors for a nearby variety of plants.

  1. Shangrila Lake

top 10 most beautiful lakes in world

Shangrila Lake one of the most beautiful eye-catching lakes of Pakistan which are also known as Lower Kachura Lake. Undoubtedly, the stunning and beautiful attractive lake is the popular tourist destination located in Kachura village and about twenty minutes away from the Skardu city of Pakistan. Basically, the formal name of Shangrila Lake is Lower Kachura Lake which replaced with Shangrila Lake after the establishment of first Resort Hotel in Skardu, the Shangrila Resort Hotel was established by an army person Muhammad Aslan Khan who is the first Scout Commander of Pakistan army.  However, Shangrila is the Chinese word which means “heaven on earth”.

A writer James Hilton tells the story of an aeroplane of the 1920s which was crashed near a riverbed and the survivors were helped by Buddhists monks and they were taken them to a place that consists of every kind of flower and fruits like heaven.


  1. Spotted Lake

top 10 most beautiful natural lakes of world

The list of most beautiful natural lakes listed the name of Spotted Lake situated is Osoyoos, British Colombia, Canada, can be accessed via Highway 3. The amazing notable feature of Spotted Lake is the multi-colored spots that are clearly visible, this spotted vision of the lake is due to world’s highest concentration of different mineral most commonly found calcium sulfate, sodium sulfate and spots mainly of magnesium sulfate. Due to the high concentration of mineral, it is natural medicine to cure diseases.

  1. Melissani Cave Lake

Top 10 most beautiful natural lakes in world


The breathtaking Melissani Cave Lake is one of the attractive tourist destination spot situated on the east coast of Kefalonia Island in Greece. It is about 2 km distance from Sami town and 10 km far away from the town of Argostoli. Melissani Cave Lake was found in 1951 and counted in the most beautiful natural lakes. The color of the most beautiful natural lake is sky blue and the stones under the water have a brown color. The variety of plant species enhance the beauty of the lake.

  1. Lake Baikal

worlds most beautiful lakes

The eighth rank of the list reserved for Lake Baikal which is a rift type lake formed through the continental crust located in Southern Siberia. Lake Baikal is the deepest rift of the Earth and this lake is believed to be the deepest lake in the World as it is around 1642 meters in depth. Russian and American scientists studied the cores of the lake and derived that the Baikal Lake is the oldest and more ancient lake on earth because its history dates back 250,000 years. The estimated age of the Baikal Lake is around 25-30 million years and the home to 80% animals and 1000 species of plants.


  1. Crater Lake

top 10 most beautiful natural lakes of world

Crater Lake formed 7,700 years ago during the collapse of Mount Mazama, its depth is about 2,148 feet and ranked as 7th or 9th deepest Lake of the United States. The blue colored water lake has no connection with river or other water bodies which means the water is pure and of this lake only. The Carter Lake is the home to a pure blue water with no pollution because there is no pollution around it. It is estimated that the Crater Lake is about a century old.

  1. Five Flower Lake

world's top 10 most beautiful lakes in world

Last and one of the most beautiful natural popular lakes, Five Flower Lake is the prettiest lake located in the Jiuzhaig Valley in Southern China. The nickname of the Five Flower Lake is Wuhuha Lake which a beautiful lake in the series of lakes in this valley. As the name reveals five flowers, the lake is situated in the valley of colorful meadows which are dark green, light yellow, blue, red and other magical colors. It is about 2,472 meters above than the sea level but the depth of the lake is 5 meters only. An interesting story associated with this lake, once the God of mountain hurt the holy dear of the king and when the King of Forest chasing the God for taking revenge, the deer was injured by other Gods and then the holy dear fell and changed into which is known as Five Flower Lake.


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