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Top Attractions in Meghalaya for Local and Foreign Tourists


Meghalaya is a wonderful place that is located in the northeastern part of India. It is endowed with an incredible amount of scenic beauty, verdant views, balmy weather, tumbling waterfalls, calm lakes, ancient caverns, a mist-clad atmosphere, refreshing surroundings, and a variety of other allures.

Spending time here with the people you care about is guaranteed to provide a restorative break from the hectic pace of life in the city.

We will provide you with the most recent information regarding the most fascinating things to do in Meghalaya if you are considering spending your vacation here.

Visit Shillong Village

The village of Mawlynnong has earned the reputation of being India’s tidiest community, earning it the nickname “God’s Own Garden.”

It is impossible to really appreciate the beauty of Meghalaya without spending some time in this enchanting location, which Discover India recognised as the “Cleanest Village in Asia” back in 2003.

The emancipation of women is fostered here on a significant scale, and this teeny-tiny hamlet also brags about having a literacy rate of one hundred per cent.

The tribal people who live here follow a very idealistic way of life, which is quite motivating. In addition to cleaning their own homes, they routinely sweep the road and plant trees in the neighbourhood.

The live roots bridges create a breathtaking picture and are considered to be one of the top attractions in this area. Visit the Sky View lookout to take in the breathtaking panoramas of the verdant and calming landscapes surrounding you.

Bamboo was used in the construction of this tower which stands at a height of 85 feet.

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Double Decker Root Bridge

The incredible man-made and natural wonder that is the Double Decker Living Root Bridges may be found in the heart of Meghalaya’s dense tropical forest.

The members of the Khasi tribe are responsible for directing the growth of the roots of ancient rubber trees in such a way that they may be used to construct sturdy bridges over rivers.

These bridges, which develop strongly over the course of 15 years, are a superb alternative to timber bridges. These bridges are dense tangles of roots that have been compacted and stacked atop one another.

Meghalaya is known as one of the best places to go during the monsoon season in India, and one of the best things to do there is to check out the live root bridges.

Some of these bridges have a history that stretches back more than 500 years. Mawsaw Root Bridge, Ritymmen Root Bridge, Umkar Root Bridge, Ummunoi Root Bridges, and Umshiang Double Decker Root Bridge are only a few of the well-known living root bridges that can be seen in this area.

Lake Umiam, Located in Shillong

Umiam Lake, also known as the Big Water or Bara Pani, is a lake that is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and hills that are covered in lush green vegetation.

At Meghalaya’s Umiam Lake, some of the most popular things to do include going out on the water in various ways and riding boats.

Because of its tranquil atmosphere, the bank of the lake is an ideal location for those who like to organise a picnic with their loved ones and take photographs of the breathtakingly beautiful green countryside that surrounds the lake.

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Because of the East Khasi Hills in the background and the panoramic setting, many people have said that this location reminds them of the lakes in Scotland.

Lum Nehru Park is a garden that is kept in good condition and is located next to Umiam Lake. From Union Christian College Peak, one has a clear view of the little islands that can be seen poking out of the water of the lake. These islands have an intriguing appearance.

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Mawsmai Cave Cherrapunjee

Paying a visit to the breathtaking Visiting Mawsmai Cave is consistently ranked as one of the top things to do in all of Meghalaya. These limestone caverns are popular because they are the only caves in the state that are well-lit so that visitors may admire the natural stalagmite and stalactite rock formations.

They are located approximately 6 kilometres away from the major town of Cherrapunjee. This location welcomes a substantial number of vacationers each and every year. Within the caves, there is only one way to enter and one way to leave.

Although Mawsmai Cave is fairly long, just the first 150 metres of it are exposed to visitors so they can explore it. The remaining parts of the park are off-limits.

The rocky outcrops come in a wide variety of shapes, configurations, and dimensions. This natural marvel was formed over the course of many years by water flowing underground and the action of natural abrasion.

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An exhilarating adventure would consist of making one’s way through passageways that are congested, slender, and intertwined with one another.

The Famous Elephant Falls in Shillong

The Elephant falls are only a few minutes drives from Shillong peak and are situated a short distance away from the main city, which is just 12 kilometres away. The members of the Khasi tribe that live in the area give it the name “Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew.”

The British called these waterfalls “Elephant waterfalls” for their own convenience, taking their inspiration from a massive rock feature in the area that resembles an elephant. Because of the earthquake that occurred here in the past, this rock cannot be seen at this location now.

One of the things that you absolutely must do when in Meghalaya is paying a visit to this two-tiered, wild waterfall. These waterfalls, which are nestled in the midst of verdant surroundings, contribute to the formation of a little lake at their base.

An amazing foamy effect is produced as a result of the two waterfalls that follow one another and surge down from steep steps. A trip there during the fall is invigorating.

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