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Top Things to Do & Places to Visit in Bangkok Thailand

Last updated on October 1, 2017

Things to do in Bangkok Thailand

There are some places that you fall in love with only by looking at pictures and then you decide to go. My trip to Bangkok was interesting, to say the least. Situated in the heart of Thailand, this city is among the most beautiful places I have been to in recent years. After settling on Bangkok as my next destination, I booked a ticket online using Etihad; such a fast and user-friendly online service. I highly recommend it not to mention the competitive rates offered by the airline. There are lots of Etihad coupons and discount deals you can find online. I found a promo code at

In addition to that, I used my coupons to secure even lower rates for the tickets. The plane ride was smooth with no hitches and I landed in Bangkok to the robust and seemingly exciting life in Thailand. The Marriot Hotel was the hotel that I chose but there are many simple and also extravagant hotels that one can choose from while in Bangkok. The ride to the hotel was scenic with Tuk Tuks at each and every turn, a must try for anyone in Bangkok.

The Grand Palace was the first tourist attraction to visit. It is made in beautiful Thai architecture, very intricate designs. While at the palace, one is able to learn about the ancient Thai art that was used to create most of their scenic and authentic art pieces. It is where the king resided since 1782 but the current King, King Rama IX does not live there but lives in the Chitralada Palace.

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The Grand Palace is frequently used for events and ceremonies that are considered important. The Wat Pho which is near The Grand Palace was also an interesting place to visit. It is fondly referred to as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (The Giant Budha). Such a lovely art form to marvel at; there is a quaint and calmness about the temple that brings with it some level of peace and tranquility.

Within the city, we were able to visit numerous shopping malls and do some shopping. The items being sold are fairly priced with such a wide variety for one to choose from, ranging from fabric, clothes, handbags, jewelry, and shoes. Thailand is well known for its embroidery work and also clothes manufacturing, therefore, one is able to buy good quality items at a fair price.

The floating market which consists of boats pilled with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is a must see. Fresh ready to drink coconut juice and food locally cooked from the floating kitchen are simply divine, you’ll never want to leave. The best way to do this through ensuring that you are not exhausted by the numerous negotiations one has to undertake, use a guide.

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A guided boat tour allows you to soak in the scenery and the delicious food available for all. The last day is a day to visit the Rose Garden. It is a cultural center slightly outside Bangkok with a lot of gardens that have been beautifully landscaped. It gives you an opportunity to also enjoy an aspect of what is considered the rural life in Thailand. All in all, Bangkok is simply beautiful!

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