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Top Vitamins That You Should Include in Your Diet


No one can deny the importance of the diet that has the proper vitamins and proteins. No matter what is your daily routine and what type of work you do, it is very important to take a balanced diet that should have vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat and any other thing which can provide different types of proteins and vitamins. The selection of diet becomes more important when you are doing bodybuilding and other workouts. When you are doing routine exercise, your body needs extra proteins and vitamins.

You should understand that it is not enough to have an eye on your diet table that how much calories you are taking and how much you are burning. It is also important to have a look at micronutrients i.e vitamins and minerals. So here I will provide a short list of vitamins that every person should include in their diet and especially the bodybuilders.

Vitamin C

The Vitamin C is recognized for its antioxidant properties, it helps to protect the immune system from free radicals we encounter. Many people know that Vitamin C is good for fighting the cold. It is the most important vitamin for all parts of the body as it is helpful for the growth and repair of tissues.

You can find the vitamin C easily in oranges which is a rich source of Vitamin C and easily available for every person. But strawberries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, peppers, red bell, and papaya are even better sources of Vitamin C. Daily one glass of juice would be enough.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ as our body can make Vitamin D itself when it exposes to enough direct sunlight. The main purpose of Vitamin D is to enhance the capacity of our body to absorb calcium and phosphorus which ensures the strong and healthy bones. This is the main reason doctors suggest the mothers keep their newborn babies in morning sunshine for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

You can get the Vitamin D from sunlight, but apart from this natural source, you can also find Vitamin D in milk, eggs, salmon, and shrimp. Drinking one glass of milk daily is good and two glass of milk is excellent to get the vitamin D and the calcium as well.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A also called retinol, is excellent in providing a healthy vision. It also helps in getting growing healthy bones, so it’s important for everyone and especially for youngers and bodybuilders to have enough Vitamin A.

The main source of Vitamin A is carrots. If you dring only one glass of carrot juice, you will get 600% of your daily needs. Sweet potato is also a good source of Vitamin A.

There are many other important Vitamins such as Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Vitamin B3, B2 and some others which are important for your body. The best practice is to get the vitamins from natural resources but you can also have different supplements to get the necessary vitamins when you are doing daily workouts. If you want to buy the supplements you can use the eVitamins coupon to get these supplements at best prices and make is sure that you are getting these supplements with the consultation of your trainer and the doctor and you should buy from a reliable store as well.

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