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The Incredible Turkey: 20 Fascinating Facts

Last updated on June 10, 2022

Interesting Facts About Turkey

As an Asian country as well as a European one, Turkey may surprise you. Perhaps Noah’s Ark washed up on the side of an active volcano in Turkey.

All of this and more may be found in the following list of 20 amazing facts about Turkey. You can easily apply for an emergency Turkey visa to witness these amazing facts.

1. Istanbul Spread Across Two Continents

Istanbul is a city that exists on two continents. The Bosporus, a strait, separates the European and Asian halves of the city. In all, 95% of Turkey is located in Asia, and 5% is located in Europe.

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2. Turkey’s Capital is Ankara, Not Istanbul.

Many people believe that Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, although Ankara is in fact the capital of Turkey. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city by a long shot.

Throughout Turkey’s history, Ankara has served as a major commercial and artistic center, and it continues to do so today.

3. Byzantium is the Historic Name of Istanbul

Byzantium gets its name from the city’s founder, Byzas, who was Greek. It was called Constantinople in 324, and Istanbul in 1930.

4. Story of Santa Claus Belongs to Turkey

A Christian saint and bishop of Myra, Nicholas was the son of affluent parents. He was born in Patara. For many years, he had given all of his money away to the poor and needy after his parent’s deaths.

According to folklore, he would drop bundles of gold cash down the chimneys of homes and hand out fruit to youngsters. They began to incorporate his noble deeds into their myths and legends across Europe.

5. Tea is the First Love of Turks

Despite the fact that Turkey is well-known for its coffee, 96% of the country’s population also consumes tea on a daily basis.

Small tulip-shaped cups are used to serve Turkish tea, which has a strong flavor. When you visit, be sure to sample all of their unique tea flavors.

6. Turkey has a young demographic

Only 9% of Turkey’s population is above 60 years old, and the country’s average age is approximately 31.

7. Seven Hills Were Used to Build Istanbul (Old Constantinople)

Istanbul, like Rome, was built on a series of seven hills. However, the Byzantine Empire purposefully built the city in this manner to proclaim itself as the new Rome.

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Each of the seven hills has a rich history and is dotted with magnificent mosques and palaces.

8. Turkey is Where the Word “Turquoise” Originates

“Turkish stone” refers to turquoise. The stunning material was brought to Europe from the Orient via Turkey and is one of the oldest gemstones in history.

Turkish troops first wore them as amulets as a protective amulet.

9. Oil Wrestling is the National Sport of Turkey

Oil wrestling, which is also known as “grease wrestling,” is a sport that dates back centuries in Turkey.

Wrestlers engage in oil wrestling by dousing themselves with the substance before going head-to-head with their opponent.

10. In Turkey, there are 82,693 Mosques

Most Turks are Muslim, and the country has some of the world’s most stunning mosques. The Sultanahmet Mosque, also known as Istanbul’s “Blue Mosque,” is one of Turkey’s most stunning mosques.

11. Turkey is Biggest Producer of Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are one of Turkey’s most important exports, accounting for 75 percent of the world’s production. Turkey’s Black Sea coastlines are dotted with hazelnut fields because to the favorable climatic conditions.

12. Turkey’s Agriculture is Impressively Self-sufficient

Many Turks are employed in agriculture because over half of the country is dedicated to farming. Many agricultural practices are thought to have originated in Turkey, according to historians.

Turkey is one of the few self-sufficient countries in the world because of its fertile land, favorable temperature, and abundant rainfall.

13. The Turks Love Their Bread

Most Turkish meals include fresh bread (ekmek), and it’s a great way to absorb juices and oils from the food you’re eating.

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Because of the Islamic concept that food nourishes life, the offering of ekmek is significant in Turkey. As a result, no bread goes to waste.

14. Turkey is Home to More than 30 Different Ethnic Languages

Although Turkish is the official language of the country, more than 30 other languages are spoken frequently, including Arabic, Kurmanji, and Zazaki to name a few.

Though they don’t understand the Chinese language, but Chinese citizens can also visit Turkey. Here is a guide on how to get a Turkey visa for Chinese citizens.

15. The “Evil Eye” is the best-selling souvenir

The “Nazar boncuğu”, or “evil eye”, is a stone created from melted glass, iron, and copper. It’s a 3000-year-old custom that’s said to keep the wearer safe from evil.

According to folklore, the stone’s color has the potential to protect against negative energy.

16. We owe coffee to the Turks

The Turks brought coffee to Europe in the 16th century, despite the fact that the beverage did not originate in Turkey. If you ever find yourself in Turkey, don’t miss out on a traditional cezve-brewed mocha.

17. Turkish Ladies could Leave their Husbands for Coffee

Yes, that’s correct. Turkish ladies could legally divorce their husbands if they couldn’t get their hands on anything as basic as coffee a few hundred years ago.

18. There are more than 3000 Shops in the Grand Bazaar

Istanbul’s “Kapal arş,” which goes back to the 14th century, is a maze of 61 streets and 3000 shops and is well worth a trip to see for yourself.

19. An Important Aviation Hub, Istanbul Ataturk Airport

From Istanbul, you may fly to any place in the world. More than 260 destinations are served by Turkish Airlines alone.

20. It has been suggested that Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat

According to some, the Ararat volcano is where Noah’s ark landed in the biblical story. Nature lovers will be enchanted by the beauty and variety of this peak.

To get the most out of your time in the country, make sure to visit this landmark.


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