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Turkey Public Holidays: Including National and Religious Holidays

Last updated on September 5, 2022

National Public Holidays in Turkey

As is the case in every nation, significant dates in Turkish history, culture, and religion are honored with holidays and other commemorations. The holidays provide an opportunity for everyone to spend time with the people who are dearest to them throughout these days.

Although most public transportation follows the Saturday schedule throughout the holidays, a significant number of businesses, including shops and restaurants, remain open. The following are the national holidays celebrated in Turkey.

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New Year’s day January 1st

After a night of welcoming in the new year, citizens of Turkey are now on holiday, as is the case in most other countries. On December 31, a lot of individuals celebrate the end of the year by going out and having a good time.

After the countdown, people typically celebrate by staying up late, either at home with a feast made from scratch or outside at a neighborhood pub. Therefore, the first of the year is a day off for people to relax and take it easy.

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day April 23rd

The significance of this date lies in the fact that it marks the beginning of the first session of the Grand National Assembly that took place during the War of Independence.

On the 23rd of April in 1920, the Grand Assembly, which is considered to be the founding body of the Republic of Turkey, began holding meetings.

Because of the significance of this event, the 23rd of April was designated as Turkey’s first national holiday in 1921, and the holiday has been commemorated on the same day every year since then. Atatürk, the man who established the Republic of Turkey, established this holiday for the country’s young people in 1927.

Since the year 1933, children have had the opportunity to assume the roles of members of the Grand Assembly for a single day and discuss topics that are significant to them, such as education. This holiday was first acknowledged by UNICEF as a worldwide Children’s event in the year 1970.

As a result of the recognition, children from virtually every nation on earth now travel to Turkey on an annual basis to put on performances of their traditional dances, showcase their musical and athletic abilities, and compete in other sporting events. In exchange, students are taught about the culture of Turkey.

Solidarity and Labor Day May 1st

The Labor Day holiday is honored in Turkey, just as it is in over 80 other nations throughout the world. May Day and International Worker’s Day are two of the many names that Labor and Solidarity Day is also known.

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The United States of America is where the holiday first began. The American Unions made a demand in 1884 that the daily work hours be shortened to eight hours, and they wanted the change to take effect on May 1st, 1886. A mass strike and subsequent rioting eventually led to the establishment of eight-hour work days.

Even though they are the ones who came up with the date, the United States does not commemorate Labor Day on May 1st. They decided that the best month to celebrate would be September.

On May 1st, people in Turkey are permitted to participate in protests against their rights and conditions; yet, there is a possibility that tensions will rise on this day. On May 1, many forms of public transportation will be suspended in an effort to prevent a large number of protesters from converging on a single location.

Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day May 19th

The date that Atatürk’s boat arrived at Samsun from Istanbul on May 19, 1919, is considered to be the commencement of Turkey’s War of Independence. Istanbul was the starting point for the journey.

In the early years of the Republic of Turkey, this day did not constitute a holiday, and there were no festivities to mark the occasion. In 1936, Atatürk put forward the idea that this particular day should be commemorated as the “Day of the Youth.”

As a result of this, May 19th was designated as a nationally recognized holiday and is now known as Youth and Sports Day. Since Atatürk was born a century ago, the holiday was renamed “Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day” in 1981. This was done to mark the occasion.

Today, May 19th is a holiday that is celebrated by the youth of Turkey participating in sports and other activities in stadiums while the citizens of Turkey cheer them on.

National Solidarity & Democracy Day July 15th

The date of the failed coup attempt that took place in Turkey on July 15th, 2016, is commemorated on Turkey’s most recent national holiday. On the evening of July 15, a group within the Turkish Armed Forces made an attempt to seize control of the government.

They were quickly defeated, and as a result, this day is now celebrated as a national holiday and serves as an essential reminder to resist attempts to divide people by remaining united.

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Victory Day August 30th

The date known as “Victory Day” commemorates the day that the greatest significant victory against the Greek army in the War of Independence was achieved.

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Because of this, we were able to ensure that the overall outcome of the war was also a victory. Even though it wasn’t until a few more months later that the occupying soldiers finally left Turkey for real, the Turkish people celebrate this day as the day their country was finally liberated.

The citizens of Turkey will spend the day today watching the parades and rituals put on by the Turkish Army as well as the demonstration flights put on by the Turkish air forces that leave red and white marks.

On this day, you may also witness a lot of homes and shops decorating their windows with Turkish flags. In the evenings, the cities play host to a plethora of concerts including jubilant musical performances.

Republic Day (October 29th)

The 29th of October is annually observed as Republic Day in Turkey because this is the day that the Turkish Republic was officially established.

Following the conclusion of the Turkish War of Independence, the occupying forces left the country, and the Turkish nationalists, led by Atatürk, declared that Turkey would henceforth function as a republic.

On October 29, 1923, Turkey entered a new era with the adoption of a new constitution, which replaced the constitution that had been in place during the Ottoman Empire.

The celebration of this day now includes a wide variety of events, such as concerts, theatre performances, and traditional dances. A large number of people can be seen congregating in stadiums to watch the performances.

Flags of Turkey are flown proudly in the streets and on the buildings around the city. Concerts and fireworks will continue throughout the night as the festivities continue.

Ramadan Feast (Ramazan Bayramı)

In Turkey, the holiday known as Eid al-Fitr is more commonly known as Ramadan Feast or Ramazan Bayram. Because the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) during the month of Ramadan, Muslims consider this period of time to be of the utmost significance.

The practice of abstaining from food and drink throughout the month of Ramadan, which is known as Sawm, is observed by Muslims. The Ramadan Feast, also known as Ramazan Bayram, is a festival that takes place after the month of fasting known as Ramadan.

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After abstaining from food and drink for a month, people take this opportunity to gather with their families and friends to express their gratitude for all that they have.

Giving money to those who are less fortunate is known as Zekat (Zakat al-Fitr), which is one of the most significant aspects of the Ramadan Bayram celebrations. The amount of money supplied to a person is proportional to the amount of money already held by that individual.

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Those that celebrate Ramadan Bayram do so in order to express their thanks to Allah. Following the prayers, there is a sermon given by the imam. The topics of the discourse include seeking forgiveness, seeking mercy, and seeking peace.

Because it is customary to offer children sweets and handkerchiefs containing hidden money during the holiday known as Ramazan Bayram in Turkey, the holiday is also known as the Candy Festival.

Ramadan Bayram is a holiday that is celebrated for three days; however, the holiday is typically extended by the government so that it becomes a public holiday for the entire work week, making it a holiday that is celebrated for a total of nine days.

It is strongly recommended that vacation travelers avoid traveling on the first and last days of the break due to the high volume of passengers expected on all modes of transportation.

Due to the fact that it is based on the Islamic lunar calendar, the dates of Ramadan and Bayram vary from year to year. The Muslim holiday of Ramadan Bayram takes place on May 24th, 2020.

Sacrifice Feast (Kurban Bayramı)

In Turkish, the holiday is known as Kurban Bayram, which translates to “Feast of Sacrifice.” In Arabic, the holiday is called Eid al-Adha. The festival of Kurban Bayram is held in remembrance of Ibrahim’s readiness to obey Allah by sacrificing his son, but he was prevented by a voice that came from heaven.

During the festival of Kurban Bayram, Muslims traditionally sacrifice cows or rams. The family consumes one-third of the meat, another third is given to extended family, and the remaining portion is given to those who are less fortunate.

The sacrifice takes place on the first day of the Bayram, and during the remaining three days, the vast majority of people, including those who otherwise would be unable to afford it, consume meat. A significant component of the tradition of Kurban Bayram is providing assistance to those who are in need.

Traveling in Turkey during the first and last days of the Kurban Bayram holiday might be challenging due to the high volume of people and the potential for chaos.

It is in your best interest to avoid taking any interstate transportation, and you should also be aware that vacation spots may be overrun with domestic visitors during this time. Kurban Bayram takes place on Wednesday, July 31st, in the year 2020.

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