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Some Famous and Delicious Turkish Sweets and Treats

Last updated on July 29, 2022


In addition to its well-known cultural heritage, Turkey is home to a number of mouthwatering sweets that have been carefully guarded as national treasures and are a veritable feast for the senses.

During the holy month of Ramadan, when a new crescent moon appears in the sky above a lavender landscape, families get together to meet and greet one another, and even the taste of the sugar that is considered to be the sweetest seems much sweeter.

Due to the widespread custom of serving desserts and sweets to guests as a way to welcome them during the Eid holiday in Turkey, the conclusion of the holy month is also referred to as the Sugar Feast in that country.

The traditional foods that make up the majority of the Mediterranean diet date back to the 19th century. This diet is well-known for the variety of flavors it incorporates as well as the positive effects it has on one’s health.

It is also stated that if you were to explore the Middle East through its flavors, you could do so for half of the region. Here you can check out some amazing traditional Turkish food.

The first approach is to visit a nation that is not Mediterranean and eat at a restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. The second way is to become familiar with unique items from the region while experiencing them in the most authentic form possible.

Turkish Delight Lokum

Turkish Delight Lokum

Those in quest of an authentic flavor can satisfy their cravings in Istanbul by visiting the city’s best traditional shops, in addition to savoring more straightforward flavors for the mouth like baklava, which is also the national dessert of Turkey.

The local stores all over Istanbul have been making desserts as straightforward as Turkish rice pudding for many generations’ worth of customers.

As you explore the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, which is the world’s largest covered market and is also known as the world’s first shopping mall, you should be prepared to see an ocean of colorful candies decorated along a chain of shops welcoming visitors.

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This is in addition to the thousands of other shops that sell everything a person could possibly imagine buying as a souvenir.

Although Turkish pleasure, which is also known as Lokum in the traditional language, is recognized all over the world for its richness, Turkey is home to even more delectable innovations that are coated with flavors than these assortments of sweets.

To taste this traditional Turkish delight (Lokum) you need to visit Turkey after getting a Turkey visa. If you have any questions in your mind, you can check this list of Turkey visa FAQs.

Turkish Herbal Tea

Turkish Herbal Tea

Sugar and health are probably not going to get along very well, but what happens when there is a freshness of herbs that delivers the double benefit of taste with good health?

In Istanbul, many of the local bazaars are packed with sellers selling sweets of varying textures. These sweets are popular not just with Istanbul’s natives but also with tourists.

There is a wide selection of herbal beverages, many of which have been well-liked ever since the time of the Ottomans and continue to be produced in a number of distinct flavors.

The traditional application of herbal tea in Turkey is for therapeutic purposes, and its flavors are derived from a wide variety of flowers and fruits.

Turkey is home to the world’s first green ice cream factory, which only goes to show you that learning new things can be pleasurable. The manufacturing process at the ice cream factory located in the countryside is designed to run on alternate forms of energy.

Although it’s possible that the flavor of ice cream that comes out of it is merely the standard one!

Turkish Ice Cream That Does Not Melt

Turkish Ice Cream Doesn't Melt

There is virtually no region of the world that is unaware of the word ice cream; yet, the thing that makes Turkish ice cream famous is its distinctive texture, which is significantly different from the one that is found in Western countries.

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Because of the component that is used in its creation, it has the appearance of being resistant to heat in its natural state. However, due to the chewiness of the food, it is typically eaten with a spoon.

Because it is prepared with the raisin that is harvested from the Mastic tree, Dondruma, also known as Maras ice cream in Turkish, has a texture that is significantly more chewy and dense than that of conventional ice cream found anyplace else.

In addition to having a consistency that prevents it from melting, merchants all across Istanbul serve it in a distinctive manner. Make sure that you take your ice cream before it melts away, as the vendor may not be as ready to give you another one if it’s too late.

A lot of American girls like this ice cream as they have also seen famous Turkish ice cream tricks and the Turkish ice cream song. So, girls from the USA get a Turkey visa for US citizens and can enjoy this ice cream that doesn’t melt.

Secret Fruits

Turkish Fruit quince

The fruits grown in this area are a staple of the Mediterranean diet, appearing not only in salads but also in the cooked courses of the meal. Pears, melons, and peaches are examples of raw fruits that can be found in this region.

Although these fruits can be found in other parts of the world, enjoying a delicious Mediterranean fruit salad while sitting at a table by the water is guaranteed to be just as invigorating as it sounds.

There are as many as 70 different types of fruits that may be purchased in Turkey, many of which are relatively uncommon in other parts of the world.

One of the more unusual fruits native to this area is called a quince, and it has a flavor profile that falls in between that of an apple and a pear. It is also renowned for having a pleasant scent.

In addition, many of the fruits, because of the nature of their inability to be transported, could be found in their native country in the form that best suited their taste. Consider the example of figs, which are widely regarded as one of the most delicious fruits produced in Turkey.

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Dates from Turkey

Turkish Dates

Date palm trees are a typical sight in the region of Turkey known as the Mediterranean, where the fruits have ample opportunity to ripen in the heat of the Arabian sun.

In the rest of the world, dates may only be consumed in the form of dried fruits, but in the Middle East, the fruit is prepared in a wide variety of sweet dishes. This is something that can only be experienced by traveling through the bazaars of Turkey.

The custom of breaking the holy month of fasting with the first bite of dates is the aspect of this fruit that is known for being the most delicious.

One who is healthy has hope, and one who has hope has everything, according to a proverb that can be translated from Arabic. When surrounded by delicious Middle Eastern dates, what better method is there to look after your health?

It’s possible that the dates found in this region are vastly different from those that are typically sold in packages. As a result, when you return to this area, you should make it a point to obtain a proper greeting of dates with Turkish tea.

If the sweetness of the sweetest sugar could be made to taste sour by these pleasures from the Mediterranean, then gaining an unexplored flavor in this country of the Middle East would certainly be a unique and unforgettable experience.

And who knows, by the time you return to Istanbul, you might already know just where to go to experience the most delicious side of Turkey.

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