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Types of digital door locks; why keyless door locks are better?

Last updated on October 28, 2017


Does it ever happen to you that you have locked your house and then you realize that you have forgotten the keys inside? Or you have locked your house, went on a trip and on the return you realize that you have lost your keys during your trip and now you can’t enter your own house? Obviously, it happens with many people including me, you and many others. So what should be the solution? Set a reminder on your mobile device about keys could be an option but it won’t work every time and not a foolproof system as well.

Keeping duplicate keys at your neighbor’s can also be a good option but you would be at risk in this case and your house can become vulnerable to intruders. The best option would be to have a keyless door lock system for your house.

In this age of technology, everyone should make good use of technology and for home security, using electronic door locks would be the wise decision. These locks are basically keyless door locks which require a digital pin code to unlock the door. If you have installed such an electronic lock then you should not worry about keeping keys with you all the time.

You just need to remember your pin code which could consist of 4 to 5 digits or even more and these codes are easy to remember. You can share the pin code with your family members or other trusted friends to unlock your digital door lock so that they can enter in the house without using a key.

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You can also install a remote control keyless entry door locks as well, at your front gate or internal room door to protect your house. This type of digital door lock requires a remote which has a digital keypad on it and you can enter the pin code using this remote control or few remote control keyless locks also need to just press an unlock button or lock button to operate the lock.

Then there is another type of digital door locks which require a biometric verification for unlocking the door. This is the best keyless door locks system which is almost impossible to replicate, thus this is the most secure locking system. If you are using a biometric security door lock then you can feed different fingerprints of both hands and you can also feed the fingerprint data of your family members and friends so that they can open the door by biometric authentication.

Another type of digital door lock is one that needs you to swipe a card which acts as a key to open the door. This is very common and in different offices, hotels, and residential buildings use this type of keyless door lock system. Unlike traditional lock keys, it is not easy to get a duplicate key card, only the registered user of a particular lock can get the duplicate card from the manufacturer of the digital lock company.

No matter which type of digital door lock you select for your home security but there is no second opinion that these keyless door locks are way better than the traditional locks which are unsecured and can easily be unlocked with duplicate keys or even by using a wire.

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