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What are the Different Types of Pill Cutter available in The Market

pill cutter crusher

Over the years, the use of pill cutter has been on the increase. This is because a lot of people have had the need to reduce the amount spent on drugs by cutting drugs with higher milligrams into two or more pieces without missing the prescribed dosage.

The use of hand or knife to cut pills most of the time isn’t very effective, because the pill may not be well shared into equal halves or dosages. The use of pill cutter is, therefore, a way of ensuring that pills can be cut neatly and accurately.
There are different types of pill cutter in the market available to users. This article will talk about some of them.


This pill cutter weighs as little as 0.8 ounces and it has a stainless steel blade that easily cuts pills. It is very easy to use and very portable. It cuts pills so neatly that there is hardly any problem of having broken bits and pieces of the drug after the cutting.
In addition it doesn’t require too much energy to work it is so easy that even people that have any form of weakness in the hand can comfortably use it.
It can cut large pills as well as cut pills into four pieces. It is also a durable pill cutter.


This pill cutter can be used for both domestic and professional use. It comes with very sharp patented blades that cuts pills neatly. It can cut pills into halves or smaller pieces depending on the user’s preference. It can cut any shape or size of drug with ease.
In addition, it is very solid and durable and can be used for quite a long time without it wearing out.

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This very small and compact pill cutter can be used to cut many oblong and round polls at the same time. It comes in very handy and it has a sturdy build. The blade is made from medical grade stainless steel, which is very sharp and requires a little bit of care when using it. It can cut small pills


This pill cutter had a great design and has a tray like surface that holds the pill in place for a neat and even cut. It is very user friendly and has sharp blades and also has a self-retracting blade guard for safety. It is effective for cutting small pills and also pills that gave thick outer coating.


This is a professional splitter that is made from very sturdy plastic and cannot easily be damaged because it does not have any fragile component. It has double beveled stainless steel blades and has a part that holds the pill in place for cutting and it doesn’t leave much powder after cutting. It can cut oval shaped pills neatly. It is also very small and easy to carry about


This pill splitter also doubles as a crusher and grinder and also a storage for drugs. It can cut and grind any pill of any size without any trouble. It has a stainless steel blade that is very sharp and crushes pills into powder in as fast as thirty seconds.
It is very easy to hold and also small and light enough to be conveniently carried about. It also has a compartment that can serve as a temporary storage for drugs.

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This splitter is perfect for cutting small pills and also has a holder that holds the pill in place and helps you cut it into a much as eight pieces. It is also perfect for cutting vitamin pills. The container is transparent, so it is easy to see the cutting process.
It is very light and easy to carry about in the pocket.


This pill cutter doubles as an organizer box that helps to organize pills in different boxes according to doses and number of times the drug should be taken in a day. It comes in very handy for elderly people that have difficulty remembering to take their drugs.
It also has a sharp blade that cuts pills neatly and a removable lid that allows you put in pills easily. Once the pill is put inside all you need to do is to push the lid down very well and the pill will be cut.


This pill cutter is especially good for drugs like viagra, this is because it has an inbuilt magnifier that enables you to check if the pill is being equally cut.
It also has adjustable arms that hold the pill in place and has sharp stainless steel blade that ensures clean and sharp cuts. It also has a small storage compartment for storing pills.


This pill splitter is made from very thick plastic thereby making it ideal for the cutting of hard pills. It, however, has a simple design and it is very easy to use. It has an inbuilt compartment for different sizes of pills. It can cut pills that are not scored. It can be washed in a dishwasher and it’s quite durable.

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In as much as pill cutter come in very handy and can save users a lot of stress, it is always advisable to seek the help of your doctor before using them. The doctor will let you know whether a particular drug should be split or not and also guide you in choosing the most appropriate pill cutter.

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