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Discover Wesley Snipes’ Battle Turn Live With His VR Abduction App Debut

Last updated on October 5, 2017

vr 3d abduction

Kevin DeWalt, the lead of the production company, The Minds Eye Entertainment along with Bridgegate Pictures, says that this App, introduced by Wesley Spines on 23 June 2017, is made with an immense immersive 360-degrees interface for the users for the VR platform. It delivers a breakthrough cinematic experience of this clip, enabling the user to live within it in a breathtaking way and feel like being a part of the real battle between the Invader Aliens and the protectors having the ability to fly to protect the Earth from these dangerous creatures.

The Minds Eye Entertainment is the production Company of The Recall Sci-Fic Movie and its thrilling thirteen minutes mind-blowing accompanying The Recall VR Abduction App, The Co-Producer of this VR App is Bridgegate Pictures. The Director of the actual movie The Recall and it VR Abduction App is Mauro Borrelli, who is popular in the Hollywood for giving many Blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain America. Wesley Spines is himself the lead actor, producer and the investor of the movie. But the actual battle of this VR App is fought with the perception and way of his Co-star, RJ Mitte, in the character of Brendan.


The Recall VR Abduction App is now live on Oculus Rift and the Samsung gear, which enable the multi-film format viewing of the films. The Recall VR App is made in 2D and the 3D format. It has been in the plan to introduce The Recall featured film on the big scale of crisp digital Panoramic Barco Escape Format, which is soon expected to be executed. Everyone can have a chance to fight this terrific battle with the Aliens in the way of RJ Mitte with free installation of the Recall Abduction App, with a few features to be purchased.

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If you want the VR headset, then you have to pay $9 for the VR Abduction App of The Recall. If you pay $14, you get the actual featured horror film The Recall in the combo. Make the choice that suits you and your budget.

Via Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear, you can also view the actors’ stills, and behind the scenes videos. Now feel like a hero and save British Columbia from the enemy Aliens. The Hunter Wesley and Brendan will help you all the way through the battle wherever you fall weak. The Virtual Reality Freaks will surely love this piece. Wesley Snipes has undoubtedly turned to a heart stealer of this medium too after proving himself again as the persistent action hero of Hollywood after his film Blade.


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