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What Are Diabetic Socks? Reasons You May Need to Wear Diabetic Socks

What are Diabetic Socks

Diabetes is a disease which, unfortunately, have no permanent cure. One can keep the sugar level under control by daily exercise, a proper diet that has less sugar level and keeping an eye on sugar level daily with special equipment. I have seen most of the Diabetes patients doing daily walk for almost half an hour to an hour. They do this to control the sugar level in their blood. This is a good habit, but with this, if they wear Diabetic socks, that would be perfect for their health.

What Are Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks are specially designed for the patients who have a high level of blood sugar. These socks are designed from special fabric and the main purpose of these socks is to keep the feet of Diabetic patient dry. These socks also help in reducing the foot injury risks and also avoid slowing down or completely preventing the circulation of blood. These specially designed Diabetic socks are made from materials such as acrylic, bamboo, merino wool, charcoal mixed with spandex for stretch.

How Do Diabetic Socks work?

The diabetic socks created with the combination of above mentioned material helps to draw the moisture away from the body. The traditional cotton socks absorb the water (body sweat) and become heavy which is not suitable for any individual with diabetes. Whereas diabetic socks are made up of materials which don’t absorb the moisture and its wicking ability let the moisture to pass through the socks and help it to evaporate. In this way, these diabetic socks take the moisture away from the body. If you want to read how do diabetic socks work and need more details on the same topic, you should search for it on Google and can find relevant material from where you can have an in-depth idea and you can understand the working of Diabetic socks in a much better way.

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When to Wear Diabetic Socks?

It is recommended that you should wear diabetic socks all the time except when you are in bed. A barefooted diabetic patient is more vulnerable towards feed injury which could be harmful to him/her. Whether you are walking on a carpet or a tile floor, or you are walking on the road, you should have diabetic socks on your feet to reduce the friction between the lower part of feet and the surface you are walking on. It will help you to avoid any injuries. But if you can’t wear it all the time, then at least when you are out of the home, you should wear these socks.

If you want to know whether you should need diabetic socks or not then click fashionstyleio for more information and you will understand whether you need these socks or not?

Where to Buy Diabetic Socks?

You can buy these socks from your local nearest shop, or you can search online. You can buy diabetic socks from Amazon or eBay as well. Just make it sure that the product you are buying is actually diabetic socks and not the traditional cotton socks which can’t be used as a replacement for diabetic socks.

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