What are Electronic Cigarettes? How they are Better than Traditional Cigarettes

electronic cigarette

We have all seen the time when the commercials use to warns us about cigarette damaging the cells of the body. How our liver gets affected by inhaling the smoke. Every new movie which used to come out in the industry it had commercials against the cigarette in the movie. Many companies even warn people about the cigarettes by labeling about the fatal disease on their casing. But people wouldn’t quit smoking because it was one of a good pass time hobby. Plus cigarette had a different effect on different people. But as now the time has advanced so does the needs of the people.

Different companies have combined their biggest brains together and they have created a product. This product is said to be on the horizon and is taking over cigarette business. The product has been named as electronic cigarette.

What is Electronic Cigarette?

Well, there is no difference between electronic cigarette and Ecig. Both are the names of the same product. The Ecig is taking over smokers community because of its advantages and being cost effective. The Ecig gives the user the feeling of the smoking. There are different flavors that replicate the nicotine level of cigarette in the E-cigarette. The smokers feel fully satisfied by taking the puff of Ecig as the flavors contain enough of nicotine level that a regular consumer of cigarette demands for. Some flavors are also made on the special request of users.

What are E-cigarette flavors?

For a beginner creating E-Juice, also known as the electronic cigarette, flavor can be a tough task. But if all the measurements are taken correctly E-juice can be created. Some people like to create E-juice with vodka. But this is not common practice as such flavors become hard to puff. The main and common ingredients of the E-juice are Pg, nicotine, distilled water and Vg. Pg and Vg are the main ingredients of all these. They can create a common flavor from the ground base. Different kind of nicotine amount is then later added to the make flavors more refreshable and connecting to smokers’ taste buds.

Which company has best Ecigs?

There are many manufacturing companies out there which are manufacturing electronic cigarette. But the most eye-catching company with the different design is Juul. This company is continuously introducing different Juul pods. Many experts also recommend to buy Juul pods if the person is starting out. They give the beginner the control he needs and adaptability for the expert to experiment with.

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