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What are MeeperBots? A Little Introduction & Project details



We all know how robots are continuously evolving. The movies which used to show some futuristic vision are now becoming a reality. Robots are becoming our main part of life. They are in every sector and performing tasks on the similar scale as humans. That time is not far away when they will completely take over the labor sector of humans daily work. Robots are being preferred because they work long hours and are smarter than humans on the designed tasks. Some companies are also developing robots which are helping children to learn faster. Education is not easy when kids have to repeat the same process of schools routine over the years.

But these robot developing companies have designed these kits of robots in a way that it becomes exciting and challenging for the student to. One of the emerging companies that have taken the world by the storm is Meeper Bot.

Many of you may have heard of this company as they are producing engaging and exciting study curriculum for the kids. This curriculum is based on the developing a robot that is easy enough for school going kid. Such process sparks enthusiasm to learn and develop in the kids.

What is Meeper Bot?

This is a company that does all the hard work for our young ones. They have spent years into the researching and developing a method that helps students to learn. MeeperBot develops robots which are also known as the meepers. This name is given by the company to the robots. These robots are totally controlled by the app that can be installed in the cellphones. The app is user-friendly and helps the kids to easily grab the idea of controlling the meepers through the cell phone application. Furthermore, these tiny little machines can be programmed to do certain tasks.

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The tasks can be generated by the user commands example turning right and left on moving ever three meters. Students are developing different racing bots using the company kits. The kits also include the motors and blocks. Blocks help in creating the robot and motors helps in moving the robot.

What is the main advantage of the Meeper Bot?

The main and the most effective advantage on the student is that while playing around with this robot. A student goes through the science technology engineering and mathematics. All the major branches in one developing and assembling of a robot. These meepers are sort of bridge that helps students in crossing the four majors of study in one assembly of meepers.

Now, these meepers need our help. We can contribute our portion to the community by supporting them and bringing one kit back home for our children.

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