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What Are the Benefits of Soy Candles? Guide by Dunya Urdu

Soy Candles

Invented in 1996 by college students, soy candles have become a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular paraffin wax that is found in normal candles. While both paraffin and soy candles look and smell similar to each other, there are distinct benefits that soy candles have over paraffin wax.

When purchasing soy candles, however, you should double-check because some candles are mixed with paraffin wax while others get rid of unnecessary chemicals. Always look at the label if you’re unsure about the ingredients.


The best thing about soy candles is that they are 100% natural, renewable and made completely from soybeans, which are grown by farmers worldwide. Paraffin wax, on the other hand, is synthetic and made from petroleum – a nonrenewable source which has carcinogenic substances which can be harmful to our bodies. Soy candles also support the local soy farming businesses, increasing businesses and growing their operations.

Cleaner burning

Soy candles burn and release very little soot compared to paraffin candles (ever wondered why your candle can sometimes be covered in black stuff if you shut the lid right after distinguishing your candle?). This soot is what you breathe in as the candle burns and can stain your walls if you’re constantly burning candles near them. Soy candles will release soot but in very minute quantities, plus they’re non-toxic so you can breathe easy.

Longer lasting

Soy candles typically last a longer than paraffin wax due to their lower melting point. This means that they burn at a cooler temperature and have a slower burning time, so you’ll have more candle to enjoy for a longer period of time. This is also why soy candles are typically pricier than paraffin wax candles, however, because of their longevity, it ends up being well worth your buck.

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Better scent

A candle’s scent is emitted through the air via the pool of melted wax that surrounds the wick. The bigger the pool, the stronger the smell. A soy candle works well for holding onto essential oil scents. The low melting point of soy candles does two things which increase the scent.

Firstly, the lower melting point means that there is a bigger pool of wax around the wick, resulting in a stronger aroma. Secondly, soy candles burn slower, which means that the scent is gradually released. This prevents a huge wave of the strong smell, which for some people is much more pleasant.


Because soy candles are made from natural soybeans, this means that they’re naturally biodegradable meaning they won’t hurt the environment as they burn. Spills are also much easier to clean with some hot water, soap and elbow grease.

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