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What Are The Main Causes Of Constipation

what causes constipationThere is no specific length of time that one has to spend between two bowel movements but normally not having such a movement after three days can be a sign of a constipation problem. Constipation is a very common condition of the digestive tract which can be really irritating.


In medical terms, it is classed as a gastrointestinal symptom. Although it can be referred to in different terminologies, it is characterized by signs such as infrequent stool, a feeling of an ever full bowel, and straining during the passage of stool.

There are many causes of constipation and these emanate from a host of factors as well. When you talk about this condition the first thing that crosses the mind is a poor diet. Rightly so, studies have shown that constipation is more prevalent in individuals who rely heavily on a diet composed of processed foods devoid of sufficient fiber.

There is another common yet overlooked cause of the disease; insufficient water in the body. For the stool condition to be consistent, the water intake has to be enough. When there is too little water in the diet, the stool becomes hard and this leads to constipation. As such, by simply drinking more water, your constipation problem can disappear.

Apart from a low fiber diet and insufficient intake of water, there are other less common causes of constipation. Did you know that high-stress levels can as well lead to the condition?

If you are subjected to stress for a long time, there might be changes in the bowel movement and this can cause this condition. Even further you could suffer from the bowel problem if you are pregnant, have problems of the bowel or in rare cases, are suffering from colon cancer.

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But how do you know that you are suffering from constipation? If you are having not more than three bowels every week, then there is a problem. When there is only one bowel in a week, then this is categorized as a severe case.

While the condition can attack anybody, it is more common in the elderly. The condition is normally not serious and goes away after a short while. Even if it persists, you can regain your health immediately after dealing with the cause.

A look at the age groups most affected by the condition reveals a relationship between muscle strength and the condition. The invalids and aged have very poor muscle tones which make them vulnerable to constipation attacks.

It is after you have known what causes constipation that you are able to deal with the condition exhaustively. For instance, for your diet, you should change to something with more fiber and omega 3 acids. There are some well-known remedies for dealing with the condition.

But before you can tackle this problem on your own it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner. The signs you see could just be for one of the many-body cycles hence the need for expert help. Once you have been diagnosed with the disease, then you can proceed to admit the remedies with the guidance of your physician.


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