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Promotional Codes: How to Use This tool in Your Promotion Strategy

what is a promo code

Discounts and bonuses work to attract users often more than any advertisement. Promotions, discounts, additional benefits increase the target audience’s loyalty to the business.

Today we are going to talk about promotional codes – a powerful and effective marketing tool. Whether it is worth including bershka promo code in the website promotion strategy, how to effectively implement it, and what to look for, we will tell you in this article.

What is a Promo Code? 

Let’s figure out what a promo code is and what is its appeal to a client. Everything is simple here: a promo code is a unique set of symbols that entitles you to cashback, discount, free shipping, or a gift.

Discount is one of the most stimulating sales tools. It can apply to wholesale purchases or purchases of popular products. The discount is most often offered to new customers or customers who have not made a purchase for a long time in order to encourage them to return to the site.

For business, the most advantageous discount is the volume discount. Such an offer attracts customers with a visible advantage.

The promo code has its own characteristics:

  • has a limited duration (often);
  • works for a specific group of goods, services or categories;
  • requires additional conditions for obtaining and using (for example, the minimum order amount or the purchased tariff).

You can get a promo code directly on the target site, on a third-party promo code resource, or by finding the encrypted word in an advertisement.

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Risk Assessment 

To include promotional codes in your website promotion strategy, let’s look at the pros and cons.

Benefits of working with promo codes:

  • ease of tracking performance
  • increase in conversion
  • traffic growth

Using special offers helps to bring old customers back. When you offer great discounts and promotions, it motivates you to place an order or use your services. This tool will be especially useful for businesses with a large customer base that needs to be turned into regular customers.

Disadvantages of working with promo codes:

  • buyers are waiting for special offers, promotions and discounts all the time;
  • there may be a decline in the main profit outside the validity period of promotional codes (less often).

Where and when will the promo code work? 

How to apply special offers with promo codes? Let’s consider the most popular options when promotional codes are appropriate:

  1. Monthly / weekly discounts. Most often, sales are held at the end of the week, month, or quarter.
  2. Offers on the stratum (store opening, new products or services). Such a move will heat up interest in the product and increase traffic.
  3. Holidays. On the most popular holidays, people do a lot of shopping. Using promotional codes during this period is ideal for attracting an audience to your site and increasing profits.
  4. High bounce rate. Up to 70% of visitors refuse to complete an order by abandoning the cart/checkout page. An email with a promotional code motivates the user to return to the site and complete the purchase.
  5. Subscribe to the newsletter. A large and high-quality client base is important for any resource. An offer with a promotional code in exchange for mail will allow you to attract customers and will provide an opportunity in the future to directly send information about current offers.
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Some more offers

  1. New customer. The reward system will help turn a casual customer into a regular customer and allow you to make a profit in the future.
  2. Order size. You can determine the average bill and offer customers a discount or bonus for exceeding it.
  3. Retargeting promotions. A very effective method. She encourages them to come back and order.
  4. Intention to leave the site. A pop-up window with a special offer before closing the tab can keep the visitor and interest him in the offer.
  5. Social media suggestions. Telegram channels, social networks help build trusting relationships with current subscribers, as well as attract new ones. Later, you can start offering products to your subscribers.
  6. Attracting famous people. Engaging bloggers and celebrities can increase your reach by helping reach their fans.

Options for working with promo codes 

To work with promotional codes, you can use the following methods:

  1. Create a company page with up-to-date promotional codes on specialized platforms and promote it using link building.
  2. Create a page with promo codes on the target site and promote it using link building.

Let’s consider each method in more detail.

Page with a promo code on a third-party resource 

There are a huge number of promotional code services.

 Many of them integrate with current CMS for online stores and email marketing services.

If you independently promote a page with promo codes on a third-party resource using link building, you will get the following benefits:

  • users trust third-party resources more;
  • the aggregator has its own promotion channels;
  • services have their own internal traffic;

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the following:

  • you will attract users to a third-party service, and not to your site;
  • the growth of the link profile will be observed on the service, not on your site.
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What can be done using promo code services?

  • analyze company data;
  • record data and track the reactions of recipients;
  • manage audience segments;
  • choose distribution paths (social networks, mail, instant messengers);
  • configure the day and time of promotional codes activity;
  • determine the rules by which promotional codes will be sent.

Substitution of a promo code using personalization

Technically, this is the easiest method for inserting personalized promo codes into messages. The promo code is written into the contact properties and from there it is inserted into the message.

Convenient for mass mailings when it is necessary to send each recipient his unique promotional code.

Mailing preparation consists of the following stages:

  1. Creation of an additional field in the system.
  2. Creating a file with promo codes.
  3. Uploading a file to the site.
  4. Creation and sending of a letter.

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